Can’t Sleep

Okay, ONE day I’m going to convert this thingie into Word Press or something like it. That day isn’t today. Gah, I can’t type….Anyway, I have now returned to my cold ass dorm. Funny, almost feels like I never left. Except they moved the fridge, added a recycle tote (why, only God knows), and now you need to use a student ID to get into the building. Not sure I like that or not. Well, there is a bright spot; my roomie has MORE CDs than me. Than ME!!! Maybe it’s a Devin thing. Or Devon thing. Whatever.

Oh, I bought this song off of iTunes and it doesn’t work. Piece of crap.

I picked up my books for the fall; $364 and some change. That’s good! Esp. since most (all but one I think) were new. But that wasn’t what I was going to talk about. Basically, I have no idea what the hell I signed up for. I have an art history book. I like art, and I like history, but I don’t remember signing up for art history.

*Sigh* I want to take a nap, but there’s this stupid…thing I’m going to because I promised myself to be more social than last year. However, last year at this time I was deathly homesick, whereas this year I’m just flat out tired. I woke up at 6 AM. And that’s an half-hour later than when I planned. Whenever I’m near my parents I become even more tired, and now that they’re gone I have to go somewhere and pretend I actually want to talk to people. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP! So here’s my plan: Go to the party or whatever it is, grab food, say hi and smile, leave, sleep. Or something like that.