Ring ring ring

Today I received three phone calls.

Wyatt called my dorm to “check up” on me basically. He hasn’t seen me online…and for whatever reason that was enough of a push for him to call.

My dad called and told me that I was an idiot for not realizing the ethernet ports doubled as phone jacks. Whatever. Oh, and to tell me his sister Denise died Friday.

At around 10:15 PM my cell starts ringing, a San Diego number showing on the caller ID. I could only think of one remote connection down there, and I most definatly didn’t want to talk to her. So, I check the voicemail and it turns out to be Samantha. Daniel bought her a phone (he’s in the Navy and currently based there) and him one as well. She called to tell me they were engaged and to be married in 17 months. After the wedding she plans to ship out with him to Japan. I am to be her maid of honour. Thank the gods the wedding is in 2006.