The joys of the internet

Now that my school stress has settled down, I am able to think about more important things.
This site held my interest for a couple of days. Indeed, I still find myself checking it out every now and again. Basically, the Mambo developers and those that hold the Mambo copyright have had a divorce if you will. I’ve only had brief encounters with this software, but I am still mildly interested in what happens next.

This is a post that made me excited. I have been looking forward to phpBB 3 since the spring of 2004. I would very much like to see a BETA release this year, because then we’re that much closer to the RC stages. I cannot wait to update the MW forum’s software. Well, I can wait, but you know….

In other news, I am working on Vertex’s new site’s layout. Since he is building the CMS himself, it’ll take awhile before it’s live. However, that’s fine with me, because then I have that much more time to work on a layout, not to mention it’s easier to make a layout for a custom CMS than the out of the box ones.

That’s really all I have to say for now. I’ll try and do something exciting so I have something exciting to talk about. ❗

Almost Rant

The new Hanson video leaves much to be desired. But what really upsets me is the lack of West Coast dates. I normally don’t care where Hanson tours, since I’ve never planned to go to a concert, but I did want to go this year, and of course they’re not coming. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m missing out on Garbage’s concert this September that makes me so damn near mad at those Tulsa boys. I also spent last night in the Hanson chat, and, well, the only highlight was Tay’s comment: I’m thinking!!! Of course, only a Fanson will get that. 😉

I wonder how long I’ll be a Hanson fan? I can’t see myself stopping, and yet, if their next album is on par with Underneath…. This Time Around was a damn good album. Even, what, five years later I still enjoy it. I listen more to the various membership CDs more than their last album. They’re releasing yet another live CD, which I know I’ll end up buying. I don’t want another version of “Mmmbop” or “Penny & Me”, but I can’t not buy it (double negitive!). I’ll probably also rejoin the fanclub for a fourth year in a row. I suppose if I was that unhappy with Hanson I could have my voice heard with my wallet, and yet, I keep hoping they’ll come out of their slump and remind me why I love them.


So. After buring up 3 GB of bandwidth in three days, the stupid Googlebot finally downloaded the robots.txt file that told it to not do that! I cannot express how happy I am about this. If things had continued, I would have had to shut down the forum for awhile, and I didn’t want to do that. 🙁

In other news, I didn’t fall asleep until 6 AM, woke up a few hours later, and it took a couple more hours for me to realize why no one was going to work: It’s Saturday. I’m also so hungry it hurts, but that’s minor. Whitney and I got into a spat that lasted so long I actually forgot what we were arguing about. 😯 To add to that, I wasn’t even mad, so I was confused why I was arguing in the first place. We’re fine now, no worries, I just think we should avoid trying the serious talks at 4 AM.

Oh, back to bandwidth! I’m just so happy about that. Now I can work on those new layouts I’ve been planning without fear of teh Googlebot killing me. I’ve also almost decided to just do the MW revap, even if I have no idea when phpBB is going to release Olympus. I’m tried of the dark green look and upside down Moiraine. I don’t even know why I made her upside down! Anyway, I’m going to save all that work for when I get some artwork from my super nice art friends, i.e. beg.