Hectic Days

I peeked at the finals schedule that is being drawn up…I couldn’t help myself! Anyway, it looks like I’ll be working three days in a row. Ugh! Of course, I worked three days in a row last semester, so it really isn’t that huge of a deal. Basically, it’s 4-Closing Thrusday and Friday, open-close on Saturday. I’ll get to sleep/pack/study(ha, me study) on Sunday, and then it’s three days of finals! Yay. Don’t ask me the dates of these things, however.

In my creative writing class there is a girl who went to my junior high, and I just recently found out there’s a boy who I was friends with in elementry school. Sine! Lord…he remembered my name. It is a pretty unique name. I recognized him by his eyes, but only when he said something. It’s just so…weird.

There is a forum I saw the birth of and pretty much knew things were going to go bad. I said nothing in the beginning although I am letting my voice be heard now. It wasn’t done on purpose: They simply wanted to start something for fun (or should I say to continue the fun), and didn’t really know too much about it. There was no point in leading them to TAZ. Is that my fault? I don’t know. I honestly believe my words would have fallen on deaf ears. They’ll just have to learn the hard way. I suppose I could try and be more active and become a voice of “reason”, but I fear there is not reasoning with some of these people. I can think of one who would listen (who is also one of the few adults) but the teens and the teens at heart are the mob, and if there is one thing Rome has taught us it’s that the mob rules the city.

On my own forum I try to be fair, but you know what? It’s MY FREAKING FORUM. I’m so sick and tired of the “democracy” speech. I wasn’t voted the admin. I paid for the forum/space/bandwidth and thus, became the admin. I am the Empress and what I say goes. It’s like school. Sure, you have rights, but half of those disappear when you walk on campus. Same thing. You have the right to not visit or post. Everything else depends on me.

That’s how it is in the admin’s world. You have to balance fairness with reality. The reality being you are the supreme ruler. What kind of ruler you want to be is up to you, but no forum would survive if it was a republic. Period.


Oh wow, did I just save myself some cash! I was going to buy a box set of DVDs at Amazon for $138. I was just about to hit the place order button when I thought to myself “why not check out Bestbuy.com”. Reason? Well, the last time I was in a Best Buy store, they had various box sets for sell under $100. So, I did a search and discovered that they were selling the exact same set for $99.99. Add in tax and shipping and it was $109, which is still less than Amazon. As much as I love Amazon, I’m not going to spend thirty extra dollars on something when I don’t have to. I can now afford to buy another box set I was looking at, which is the same price as the one I bought. If I had bought them both at Amazon (not at the same time…I’m not rich!) it would have cost $275. With Best Buy it’s only $220 (rounded up). I’m going to wait to pay off my credit card before buying the other set. One, because I like have a low credit card balance, and two, because I don’t plan on watching it until I go home for the summer anyway. So why buy something if it’s just going to sit on your desk looking pretty?