It's been 5 years

I think this is just the best damn singing of the national anthem period.

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  1. I like her teeth, they look very intersting to kiss… *sighs* Oh well,… Say, Marie… what are you teeth like?

  2. I don’t want to even THINK how long would it take Me to download it all… I have slow DUN connection, you see… too bad !

    Yes, it has been five years… .

    That morning I was all sleepy in my bed when I suddenly heard that my Dad was telling my grandmother “Have you seen that? It’s terrible!” So I wondered what was it, turned on my tv and saw it immediately

    I saw the moment when the North Tower collapsed

    Let’s just hope such a thing never happens again… The sad point is that, in my opinion, Bush is fighting violence with more violence and that will lead, soon or late, to another 9/11


  3. Would you like to have a dog tail ??? ?

    I think you mean “little dog” when you say puppy… right? -my dictionary is not very clear about it- oh you english speakers confuse Me so much ! 😛

    I would prefer a cat tail, yes… Cats rule !

    I want my own cat, but I’ll have to wait till I live alone to have it… Kate, the cat picture in your blog is very cute


    *Wags cat tail*

  4. Guess What ???

    It took Me 12 minutes to download half of it and 24 to get it all… Eeeeeks, it was desperating- I just wanted to see how long would it take, Wheeheeheee… .

    I agree, it is a very nice performance 🙂


    Always be a Gopher !

  5. hey Marie, I seem to remember -I hope I’m right, as I rarely remember dates correctly- That today is your birthday… right ?

    Well, if that is the case… Have a very happy birthday !!! !


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