For my course on human development I had to do a few written assignments. You could pick 3 of the 5 and the ones I chose were: IQ, perception speed, and personality. Basically you had to take various tests and then write 1-2 pages about them. Here I will talk about the personality tests mostly so I can remember them years down the road. Both tests (The results below are from the second test – yes all those graphics are for one test) said I was aggressive yet introverted.

We had to talk about the value of such personality tests and if they are useful in helping people find love or jobs, etc, and was it of any use for people to know what kind of personality they had. I basically said any self-help that could be gained from such tests would have to be done with a professional, since self-administered tests are highly inaccurate – people like to lie to themselves. And, honestly, only a doctor with a degree (like that guy on Law&Order 😀 ) can really help someone with mental issues. Taking a quiz online and buying a book at Borders just ain’t going to cut it.

I said all that and got 19/20 on the paper. Yay!
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