Dear EA and Maxis

You suck.

BB: When you play The Sims 3, you play as one household. However, you can choose to change the household that you are playing. What’s different about The Sims 3 is that when you are playing one household, the other households in your town will develop intelligently: other Sims will age, get married, have children, go to work, et cetera. This means that the world is changing around you and no game will ever feel the same. If one of the Sims in your household moves out, you can choose to follow them and control a different household, or you can continue to play the same household.

Um, hell no! I do not want to be stuck with an either/or situation. I especially don’t want Sims reproducing on their own (and with ugly townies to boot!).

BB: There will still be plenty of ways for devious fans to play in The Sims 3 — including removing the pool ladder! Anything can happen in this new open neighborhood environment; we can’t wait to see what players come up with. [Editor’s Note: During GFW’s visit to see the game earlier this year, design director Matt Brown dropped this detail: “Though if you do try to drown your Sim in a pool, he can realize what you’re trying to do, because it’s pretty clear that you’ve put him in a pool and then taken away the ladder… And now he can just crawl out of the pool, which he couldn’t do before.”]

So now I can’t drown my Sims. That was the fastest way of killing, and yes Sims were rather stupid to fall for it, but still! It’s a classic Sim-killing technique and you’ve done away with it?! This is why I like my Sims to be semi-stupid!

Don’t get me started on the aging neighborhood thing.

Honestly, I’m afraid Sims 3 will end up another SimCity Societies. I’d probably enjoy it just until the kids move out, at which point my fun factor will drop. Unless I keep everyone in the same house, which, uh, yeah no. Yeah, there are good improvements to the system and the A.I. but that doesn’t change the fact that they seem to be determined to take away a lot of the micromanagement features. On the flip side, Sims 2 EPs and Stuff Packs will be going for cheap!

Speaking of which, they have decided to release an eighth expansion pack, instead of sticking to their guns about only seven. It’s pretty obvious this is for money purposes, because an EP about apartments? Are you kidding me?! They better have something major planned, otherwise it will feel just like it is: a quick chance to make money this fall.

Bon Voyage caused huge amount of issues with players’ computers and CD drives thanks to SecuROM, the Free Time patch was pulled off the site after it made issues worse, not better, and now they are adding another pack onto what is clearly a too buggy game?

On the official BBS there are thread after thread of people debating the future of the Sims. When someone referred to The Sims as an RPG I had to step in, but that right there tells you how far Maxis/EA have changed the gameplay and marketing.

Fixing Wrong Album Art on iPod

Well. In hindsight I should have taken the appearance of random artwork on my Animatrix songs as a sign of bad things to come. It is only recently I had decided to google the album name of the cover and discovered it had no relation to any song on the Animatrix soundtrack. At all. So clearly something was going wrong months ago, I was just too stupid to catch it.

Now, the basic way to fix such issues is to disable artwork on your iPod, wait for the iPod to update, then re-enable. However, it was during this re-enabling process that I would get a (-50) error. Now only some of the albums were showing any art, but most of them were blank. Basically the only solutions I found were “use a different cable” and “do a restore”. Since I couldn’t find my old cable, I was basically left with the latter. This did not make me happy, since Apple in all its glory took out the ability to take songs off your iPod and onto your hard drive easily.

Backing up the music wasn’t hard for me, just annoying, and the restore is just a one click process. Reimporting all that music (I had about 5.36GB) was the long part; not so much getting the files into the library, as deleting all the duplicates-because again, Apple didn’t see fit to have such a feature built in.

But yay, the iPod is working properly again. Today, I spent a good portion actually going through the albums that never had any artwork to begin with and tried to fix that. In some cases I had to actually make my own (like for mixes, or what-have-you). I really wish you could do the Find Album Art thing on your iPod.

And yes I am anal about the cover art, because it’s silly to have a fancy iPod with coverflow, if you don’t have covers!