Gaming Backlog: Remember Me

Remember Me Cover
Remember Me

Remember Me takes place in Neo-Paris in the year 2084. A corporation called Memorize have deployed a technology known as Sensen that enables the population to upload their memories. Which of course would never be a power abused. The game drops you into the role of Nilin who must escape from a Memorize memory wipe and thus begins her (your) journey for answers/revenge.

I love this game. Really, I do. Is it perfect? No, not even close. Do I care? Not in the least. I am not joking here. I am hoping against hope that they sold enough copies to do a sequel that will expand on the world they have created while improving on the gameplay. Am I gushing enough yet?

Nilin is a great. Admittedly I seem to like the distant, aloof, sometimes violent female characters (see: Cadsuane, Moiraine, Lulu, Fang, Lightning, etc) so I am rather biased, but I enjoyed my time with her. One of the things that took me aback, but was greatly pleasing, was discovering she is of mixed race. You just don’t see that often in video games. It is disappointing to read all the bigots comes out because I guess they think people of colour are all supposed to look a certain way, but that’s the Internet.

It was short, but not a good kind of short. There was definitely room for more storytelling and greater character development. There was plenty of world building and backstory although it would have been nice if they had went Mass Effect style and had a narrator for the codex because that text was tiny! Even so, that in-depth world only highlighted the lack of development in the story proper.

The big thing about the game is the ability Nilin has to remix people’s memories. This is pretty awesome and very godlike, and yet you only get to do this four times in the entire game. Four times! I understand the fear of making this mechanic seem too gimmicky and repetitive, but I hope if there is a sequel they find a way to fit more of these remixes in gracefully. The fighting mechanics have the potential of being really fun but were lacking in execution. This is another game where getting the combos down might be easier on keyboard than controller, but I can’t say for certain.

So there are issues with this game, but honestly it feels like it is so close to getting everything right. And what it gets wrong is pretty minor compared to the entire piece . This is a game I was both excited and sad to finish because I was having fun in spite of any minor frustrations.

My hopes for a sequel have dimmed a bit with news of developer Dontnod Entertainment’s recent financial weirdness. Hopefully everything works out.

Gaming Backlog: Battlefield 3

First things first: I did not try the multiplayer. Considering its age I wasn’t even sure the servers were still up, and if they were, they were more than likely filled with die hard BF3 players. And noobs. Lots of noobs since Playstation released it for free for Plus users. That, and I just wasn’t interested.

I know there are those out there who insist that the mouse and keyboard combo is far superior to the console controller when it comes to FPS games, but I never held much weight to such claims. I do now. I cannot pinpoint exactly why, considering I haven’t played a FPS game on a PC since the early nineties, but the controls did not feel all that natural and smooth. That sounds worse than I mean it to, it’s just that I never felt as comfortable or as in control as I have with other games. It’s a bit like playing XCOM on the PS3 (which I have done). You can do it, but you always feel like you’d probably be better with KB+M. This is in contrast with Borderlands which just feels fun on console. I’m sure it handles better on PC but I don’t feel deprived with my lowly controller.

Or I could be delusional in thinking I would have played better with different inputs. Let me have my dream.

The single player campaign in Battlefield 3 has not won any awards or accolades and for good reason. It somehow manages to be even more soulless than your typical Hollywood summer blockbuster. The actual gameplay wasn’t bad and was even enjoyable for the most part, but the story was lacking and didn’t even make sense. When it ended I felt no desire to replay on harder difficulties or go trophy hunting.

But it did make me want to try Call of Duty. So, there’s that I guess.

Playing Dumb

One of my classes has us working on a website one phase at a time and it is very difficult to pretend I know nothing about HTML. In fact the lessons are so out of date I don’t think I built a site like this since 2001. On Geocities of all places! There is no CSS external or otherwise, links are all their default blue, redundant tags, etc. But going above and beyond what the teacher wants might get me lower grade so it is really frustrating.


Ah so beautiful.

Katy Perry, Kitty Purry, oh dear!

So Payal suckered me into doing this one post a week thing. Therefore I have decided my first post would be about Katy Perry. Yes. Katy Perry.

When she first hit the scene I refused to like her music. You see, I was a hipster before they were called hipsters. Back when the terms “snobbish prick”, “elitist jerk”, and other names far worse were more in use. I heard the song “I Kissed a Girl” and was so enraged that the youth of the land and radio DJs were acting as if Jill Sobule had not all ready did such a song way back in 1995.

And then Bruno Mars did his little skit on SNL where he was a Pandora intern and sang a little bit of “Firework” and I had to admit I kind of liked the melody. But I figured it was Bruno’s doing: couldn’t be Katy. Not long after her “T.G.I.F.” video came out and I had to watch it because of Hanson and it was cute, I’ll grant you. But then…but then one night while bored and I was browsing Amazon Prime and saw her documentary A Part of Me was available and decided to take a chance.

I discovered, much to my shock, that I liked about nine out of every ten songs I was hearing. Her work ethic was what really impressed me, which makes me sound really old and like a doofus but c’est vrai. My other musical guilty pleasures, the previously mentioned Hanson, are pretty notorious for always being late. And I do mean always, no matter if it is a simple internet chat or a concert they are seemingly incapable of being on time. And here was Miss Perry unwilling to push back her show five to ten minutes because then she would have to cancel the meet-and-greet. I don’t know; call me a sap but that won me over.

Anyway, it took a few months but on Black Friday I finally got around to buying Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and I have been playing the sugar* out of that album.

In conclusion I guess I am now a Katy Perry fan.

*what a perfect minced oath for this post!