Maleficent Was (near) Marvelous

20140531-194336-71016469.jpgOn Friday morning I went to go see the latest Angelina Jolie movie Maleficent. It turns so did all of Phoenix because the parking lot was packed and all the people in front of me were purchasing tickets for the film. I decided to go to the next showing instead but there was still a crowd and two lines just to get a seat. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Ms. Jolie will have a very successful opening weekend.

The start of the movie portraying a child Maleficent was a bit corny but it is Disney, so some cheese is to be expected. However once Jolie makes her appearance lingering doubts about the film fade away and the fun begins.

Maleficent is given a more fleshed background and motivations, and one can sympathize with her anger at King Stefan. Her relationship to Aurora was well done, and Elle Fanning is a believe puppy dog to Jolie’s hissing cat.

The ending is not the Sleeping Beauty you remember which was a nice surprise. It’s not a ten out of ten but is very solid and the Lana Del Ray version of “Once Upon A Dream” is perfection.

My New Obsession: The Library

When I was a wee little lass I enjoyed visiting the library as equally as going to the movies. I have always loved books (even the smell of them) so being surround by so many was a little slice of heaven.

In retrospect I can see that the frequent trips to the old brown building were in connection to my father continuing his education. He needed to go for a variety of reasons and so dragged me along with him. As such, once his studies were done so too were my own trips.

Anyway long story short in the past few months I have rediscovered the local public library and my wallet is so very happy. I can read manga (legally) without straining my budget or over stuffing my bookcases. That’s good because I still need to buy more shelves for the books I all ready have.

Right now I have numerous books and DVDs checked out on the topic of Hitler and the Holocaust, why I cannot fully explain. I can say walking around with a giant book with a big bright swastika on the front and binding does make one a bit self-conscience.

Must Resist The Sims

So recently EA released a video showing off the new Create-A-Sim tool for the upcoming Sims 4. I have told myself repeatedly that I shall not purchase this newest entry in the long running series until a price drop or bundled edition comes out, that I would continue to enjoy The Sims 3 for the time being.

But I have to admit that seeing how much easier and tactile it will supposedly be in nĂºmero quarto to make the Sims of my dreams…. I do not know if I will be able to resist the temptation to do a preorder. And I really do want to avoid preorders after my disappointment with Bioware’s recent games.

But I really, really, really like making Sims.

Getting Back To Health

For the past week or two I’ve began working out at the gym again after a much too long hiatus. I’m not as out of shape as I feared but my stamina is lower than it was when I was going regularly.

The hard part for me is everything else besides working out: watching the food I’m eating, drinking lots of water, and getting a good nights rest. I think I’m too much of a night owl to ever conquer the sleep thing but the other two just require me to stop being lazy and prepare meals ahead of time. And buy a water bottle.