I’ll take the Power of God, thanks

I asked the Grand Master Payal Jan Bug Dhar for a blog post idea and this is what she hath given me:

This was a bit of tossup but I decided to settle on Max from Life is Strange. She was the third choice. Second choice was Chloe from the same game but, uh, to put it mildly, she has bad luck.


First, I look good in a bun. Although I guess the point of this exercise is that I would look like the character…so forget that first point.

Second, she can play guitar. As a struggling Rocksmith god I find this admirable.

Finally, and most importantly, she can rewind time. That is also frightening because playing with time is dangerous, and can apparently cause a nosebleed. And yet, oh how tempting it would be to say what you really feel, and if it completely backfires, just push rewind and try again.

You can ask out that hot guy or gal (*cough*Chloe*cough*), you can tell your boss to shove it, you can flip off that road rage enabling fool, you can try to cry your way out of a traffic ticket, etc. You could probably also do something good, I suppose. But playing with life and death is tricky. What if you save some old man and it turns out he’s a serial killer, and thanks to you, can now go on and kill a few more little girls?

Ultimately, although I feel playing god can only lead to tragedy, I am human for the most part and tempted just the same. Also, I would get to stare at Chloe, so, that evens out.


I Have Conquered The Sims

Finally. After three iterations. I have, for once, bred a Sim family to ten generations. I have done…a legacy.

The downside is that my goal is actually an Alphabet Legacy. That’s 26 generations instead of the normal 10. Because I hate myself.

The other downside is the Sims 4 is boring and after pushing through all that love matching and baby making, I feel little desire to play the game for longer than ten minutes at a time. But I’m a true Sim addict and will probably be buying the next Game Pack/Stuff Pack/Expansion Pack/WasteofMoney Pack.

But who cares! Here is the family so far:


The Kelly Family: My Not So Secret Shame

Back in the late 90’s there was an infomercial that would air on the weekends selling The Kelly Family CDs (I’m at least 85% certain VHS tapes were being sold too). If I had possessed a credit card I totally would have bought the package. But I didn’t so I just watched every weekend like it was some weirdly specific MTV program until it stopped airing. I wish I could find the infomercial online, but alas: it was the 90’s.

Looking back I have no idea what to make of it. Not that long later I became a Hanson fan, so maybe I just have a thing for blond, singing families with strange fashion choices?

I loved this photoshoot when I was young…

Anyway, while I would go on to throw money at Hanson, it wouldn’t be until three or four years ago I actually bought my first Kelly Family album, Homerun. It’s even signed! By Joey and…someone else. It was used. Whatever. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Even though I can look back at those old Kelly Family videos and feel puzzlement at what I could have possibly been thinking…I still kind of like them. To be fair, their last couple albums are more modern with better clothes.

I think I planned on defending my strange and eclectic musical tastes but now I find I have no words to use in my defense.