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Maleficent Was (near) Marvelous

20140531-194336-71016469.jpgOn Friday morning I went to go see the latest Angelina Jolie movie Maleficent. It turns so did all of Phoenix because the parking lot was packed and all the people in front of me were purchasing tickets for the film. I decided to go to the next showing instead but there was still a crowd and two lines just to get a seat. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Ms. Jolie will have a very successful opening weekend.

The start of the movie portraying a child Maleficent was a bit corny but it is Disney, so some cheese is to be expected. However once Jolie makes her appearance lingering doubts about the film fade away and the fun begins.

Maleficent is given a more fleshed background and motivations, and one can sympathize with her anger at King Stefan. Her relationship to Aurora was well done, and Elle Fanning is a believe puppy dog to Jolie’s hissing cat.

The ending is not the Sleeping Beauty you remember which was a nice surprise. It’s not a ten out of ten but is very solid and the Lana Del Ray version of “Once Upon A Dream” is perfection.

My New Obsession: The Library

When I was a wee little lass I enjoyed visiting the library as equally as going to the movies. I have always loved books (even the smell of them) so being surround by so many was a little slice of heaven.

In retrospect I can see that the frequent trips to the old brown building were in connection to my father continuing his education. He needed to go for a variety of reasons and so dragged me along with him. As such, once his studies were done so too were my own trips.

Anyway long story short in the past few months I have rediscovered the local public library and my wallet is so very happy. I can read manga (legally) without straining my budget or over stuffing my bookcases. That’s good because I still need to buy more shelves for the books I all ready have.

Right now I have numerous books and DVDs checked out on the topic of Hitler and the Holocaust, why I cannot fully explain. I can say walking around with a giant book with a big bright swastika on the front and binding does make one a bit self-conscience.

I need an assistant

I have been horrible with keeping on track with all my projects. All three of them. First there’s the nano writing thing that hasn’t exactly shot off the pages, finishing up my computer build, and coding. The coding “project” is really two things: CS50x offered by Harvard and Code Academy. The Harvard class has the actual hour long lectures on the web and as educational and even entertaining as they are…lectures tend to make my mind wander. There was one class at uni that I pretty much just slept through all the lectures. I got a B in that class thanks to the power osmosis.

So I think I need to start giving myself a schedule for what to do day to day. Unfortunately that is something I have never been good at doing. Thus the need for someone else to do it for me.

Camp Nano

So once again I have let Payal guilt trip me into yet another writing attempt. I have deiced that since I seem to be struggling with time management lately (as evidenced by my falling behind in the one post a week challenge she already set me…) to be smart this time around and only aim for 20k words. Knowing me, however, I will still probably end up doing a crunch at the end of the month because that’s how I roll.

Instead of a novella  I’m going to be doing a script. And instead of fantasy, it will be sci-fi..ish. I suppose it’s not really sci-fi at all, just set in the future. Whatever. I’m sure there will be robots or crazy AI or something to eat up words nice and fast.