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Hand of God

Hand of God is an Amazon original series starring Ron Perlman. I binged watched it in one weekend as is the new norm for television shows. In fact, I refused to watch the pilot because I didn’t want to have to wait to see what happens next. Yes, I am that spoiled by new media. Anyway. hand of god

Perlman plays Pernell Harris, a judge corrupted by power, who seems to have a symbiotic relationship with Mayor Robert “Bobo” Boston (Andre Royo). The two are working with a firm called Brooks on a major land deal. This deal is actually pretty important to the plot, although you wouldn’t know it half the time. It’s also not ever really explained in full detail (like, why is a judge involved? and why is this judge so important to the deal? couldn’t you pay off any ol’ judge? etc). And I wish I could say it all makes sense in the end, but it doesn’t. So let’s move on.

The big plot point revolves around Harris’ son PJ who shot himself in the head after seeing his wife raped and didn’t die. He’s not really alive either, machines are breathing for him, and this limbo fate is a heavy burden on his father. Harris promised PJ he would find the man responsible for raping his daughter-in-law; a promise he starts to believe he must keep in order for his son to awaken.

Harris starts having visions, talking in tongues, and believes his son is speaking directly into his mind. He gets a follower to beat and/or kill people in the search of justice. He’s giving a crap ton of money to a church that feels scammy but might not be; it’s a church after all. He has a wife who is unfaithful but devoted and a mistress/escort who he proclaims to love (he also loves his wife; he’s basically Rand al’Thor). The crazy part is that all these visions are actually leading to bonafide clues.

The ten episodes weave in and around the land deal and the hunt for whoever is behind the rape. And as convoluted as it becomes at times…it’s a lot of fun. The cinematography and acting are both superb, and whatever faults lie in the writing could be ironed out in future seasons.

And there better be another season with that cliffhanger ending.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

I have an Amazon Prime membership and decided to take advantage of the free streaming and watch Doctor Who season one. Why yes it did take me this long to jump on that wagon.

As of now I’m on the third episode of season two and still enjoying the show. I tried not to get too used to Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor since I already knew in advance he was only going to around for that first season. Even so, he was a good Doc. 🙁

But I think what I love best is the Dalek voice acting. And finally getting all those Doctor Who jokes. But the Daleks! Oh my god, that voice gets me every time.

I still have that Torchwood disc Payal sent me ages ago that I never got around to watching. All of sudden I am feeling a lot more motivated to do so! I’m just not sure if I should dig it up now or wait until I finish my Doctor Who streaming. It might not matter in the big scheme of things but I like to plan out my procrastination. Makes me feel like I’m doing something.