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A Memory of Light Review

memory of light
A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light. The end of what has been a very long journey (although not so much for the characters), and what a disappointing ending it is. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy it; it was by far a better read than the previous tome, but that’s not really saying much, I suppose.

The book is fast paced, I will give it that. Upon further reflection, however, it feels as if the pace is there to mask underlaying faults. Not to mention, more time could have been spent on characters and characterization/interaction if we hadn’t wasted so much time in the previous two books. More specifically the huge Perrin love fest that went on in Towers of Midnight. Even so, the fast pace helped give the battle scenes a sense of urgency which could be very exciting at times. Every few pages the point-of-view would change so you were constantly hopping from one battleground to the next. There was a point when I realized that the breaking up of chapters seemed to be almost arbitrary given this type of set up.

The action does take away from The Wheel of Time‘s strong point, that being the characters. Little time is spent with anyone, including Rand. So I might as well go ahead and gripe about the lack of Moiraine.

There was no reunion between her and Lan. We know they are distant with one another but not really why. Oh, we can guess, but that’s not the same. Besides, given the crap load of Lan point-of-views we get you’d think he would reflect on the Aes Sedai once. But nope. Nothing. Moiraine thinks of nothing important ever. Not of Lan, not of Thom, not of Siuan, not of hugging Nynaeve. Oh yes, Siuan. No reunion there either and that tingle they had I suppose was just pointless like so much else.

Speaking of Siuan, here is a death that left me shocked. I had never considered whether or not Siuan would die. She just didn’t seem important enough to kill off. Turns out, her and Egwene were pretty much it for deaths. Well and my girl Romanda. 🙁 Clearly I do not care about Gawyn. Or Bela. If Bela was a cat I would be a bit sadder. I was, however, sadder about Bela than Gawyn, so there is that.

But yes, no one really died. For a moment in the book I thought this was it, that Jordan/Sanderson were going to go all George R.R. Martin and kill everyone. When Egwene bit the bullet I actually had to re-evaluate my belief that Moiraine was safe. But I got over it as I realized she and Nynaeve were in the safest spot in the book: the Pit of Doom. I have to give the writers credit for at least making the rest of the world look like it was in such dire straits that being at the literal end of the world was a safety zone.

But they didn’t do anything! Moiraine and Nynaeve clung to rocks while everyone else fought and not-died. Nynaeve helped Alanna who somehow was in the cave. And who released Rand’s bond without there being any downsides. Which then makes one (ok makes me) wonder about what the heck happened with Moiraine and Lan’s bond. Anyway. Alanna died. But it was so anti-climatic I just don’t care. And I liked Alanna. Even if she was a mind-rapist.

Elayne got kidnapped again. How many times is that now? At least this time she realized she could in fact die and wasn’t so over confident. I have a tiny hope she will not remain queen of Cairhien. I also liked how Egwene recognized that Elayne could be just as power hungry as any other ruler. But she is dead now, so she can’t tell that to the ninny’s face.

There were some very nice moments. Lan riding his way to battle a Forsaken with sword and the Two Rivers men lighting the way with Trollac corpses. Very cinematic. Very strange that Lan didn’t die. Also, this was Demandred’s third sword fight. It felt like a video game: Let me keep throwing players at you to wear you down, then summon my mighty fighter to finish you off.

Perrin vs Slayer was interesting but way too long. Perrin vs Lanfear was more interesting, because for a second I actually thought she found the Light. And then he snapped her neck.

Rand not dying and living to be a harem master. Mmm.

One pleasent surprise was Androl/Pevara. I had no interest in them in previous books but I loved them in this one. Yeah, the telepathy was a bit strange. Okay a lot strange. But they were adorable enough and human enough I didn’t mind. Apparently there are other readers who hated their sections. But again, I usually skimmed or skipped them previously so that might be the difference: I had no expectations besides boredom.

Nynaeve and Moiraine being buddies is cool. And Thom actually did something useful during the Last Battle. Color me surprised on both fronts. Now they can all have babies and the babies can marry each other and there’ll be Moiraine/Nynaeve grandbabies. *cough*

Cadsuane becoming Amyrlin made up for a lot of disappointment for me. First off, she lived! Hahahahaha! YAY. Second, that scene when she realizes she has been selected for the job she wanted least was just great for me. I can now admit to myself that she is my favorite Aes Sedai and character. Yes, Moiraine has been booted and has been for awhile. Cadsuane Melaidhrin is just awesome. AWESOME.

Okay, anyway. After finishing the book I felt rather elated. I knew it wasn’t a home run but it was still fun. Now approaching a month after I can barely remember what happened. I liked it better than Towers but less than The Gathering Storm. If I had to give a number score it would be 7/10.

Old School Moiraine’s World

I was clicking around the other day and ended up on There are a few designs from Moiraine’s World past that didn’t make it, which is probably just as well. I think my memory has made those old designs far better than they were in reality.

Case in point, here is a gem from 2002, which would be near the sites genesis. Although thankfully the actual first layout is filled with X’s.

circa 2002
Moiraine and bubble?

Back then, whatever the header image was I made sure the site matched. So all that lovely orange-red font/scrollbar/links would change. How exciting! I was surprised to discover how much more personal site updates were back then. Another aspect I blocked out, I guess.

My god that banner! I suppose back then everyone had ugly websites so I can forgive myself, but I can remember being so damn proud of my Paint Shop Pro 7 “skills”. Ah, the good ol’ days.

The most recent and functioning site snapshot in the Archive is from 2005.

Circa 2005
How pale and...there.

I don’t have anything really against this layout. I think it does highlight how static the front page was for a good long time. Not to mention, the actual site description at some point vanished. Which reminded me Kate was suppose to help with that!

Workouts and waiting for Towers of Midnight

So. I have been on a posting hiatus. I wish to blame Kate and maybe Jan for this. 🙂

Anyway, after a brief break I started up my workout routine again only this time in the high intensity. Eh, yeah, needless to say my body is very tired. But it feels so good to be back to exercising. That’s about all I have to say about that.

But WOT! Oh WOT! Sweet has once again graced us with a wonderful cover, although at least you can tell who’s who unlike most works. Except his ever changing vision of bodybuilding Rand. But there is a comment over on Dragonmount that I just love to pieces!

Well, none of the characters look like the love child of Fabio and Timothy Dalton, posing for a romance novel. That’s a start. Also it doesn’t appear that any of the characters are in the middle of busting out The Robot on the dance floor. That’s good. He seems to have grown the characters from hobbit to normal human size, also an improvement. No impossible arm angles that remind me of things I drew in 4th grade.

I think secretly Darryl K. Sweet is a true genius artist. How does the man manage to create art, from scratch, that perfectly captures the awkwardness of a live photo shoot featuring models that have absolutely no idea how to look good for the camera? I would have to go through a lot of trouble finding people off the street, dressing them in funny clothes, and telling them to pose for me in some strange scene, in order to perfectly capture that “I have no idea what to do with my hands, eyes or face” look. Sweet can just draw it up freehand. I mean check out the Ben Kingsley/Captain Picard looking guy guarding the back of the line. I can almost hear the artistic director on the photo shoot telling him “Ok, we need this to be a candid shot, do NOT look at the camera!”. I can almost see in real motion Mr. Kingsley-Picard trying his damnedest not to look at the camera, and failing.

I never would have thought to make the Tower of Ghenjei out of that blue river rock I have on my back porch, but it looks pretty classy. I like how the roots of all three of the prominent trees in the background look like the legs of overweight women straddling camels headed in the same direction. And evidently Thom lately finds himself opting for a gleeman’s cloak with a European cut.


I am very, very excited about this next book. But I swear on the baby Jesus there better not be a Moiraine cliffhanger. I do not even know what I would do.