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Mass Effect Foundation #1 Has Strange Art

I recently bought a Mass Effect graphic novel, Foundation #1, and although the story was a little blah, the artwork is what got me. At first it was the bobbled headed kid, but I figured, you know, not everyone can draw children well and it’s not like this is a series with a lot of them running around, but then I saw the arms.

OK, so maybe it was just the angle and it just looks odd, as if their forearms are melting into their uppers.

But then our girl here seems to be missing her forearm/wrist entirely or maybe she doesn’t have an elbow, I don’t know, it just gives me the willies.

But this takes the cake. I mean, come on, how does that look okay to anyone?! But every review I saw made no mention of muffin hands and that is pretty much the only thing I can really remember from this comic.

The Problem with the IeSF Barring Women from Hearthstone

Today a bit of firestorm broke out when a post on Reddit revealed that only men can participate in Finland’s Hearthstone qualifier. It turns out this is due to The International e-Sports Federation and its policies.

The problem here is that no one seems to be able to find the source of these “international sports regulations”. Probably because there are no set in stone rules for such a thing. Chess, for instance, does allow men and women to compete against each other. Oh, and then there is an actual sport (well is at the Olympics 😛 ) were men and women compete on equal terms.

That is my issue. If you are going to segregate the sexes at least have proper reasoning all ready to go, elsewise you just have egg on your face and bring negative attention to your organization/cause. I also think it’s silly that there isn’t a men’s competition for Tekken.

It would seem that IeSF is taking feedback on board, but that could very easily be polite noise making. Call me cynical but I’m leaning towards it being nothing more than PR.heartstone

Sims 4 Buying Desire Is Now Lower

Thank you, EA/Maxis. Thank you so much! The improved build mode and Create-a-Sim options were severely tempting me towards a pre-order of The Sims 4 but your recent blog post has put the brakes on that.

No pools? A Sims game without pools? That’s just crazy. It makes no sense, outside of maybe a rushed release (as if EA would do such a thing!) or an attempt to squeeze more money out of Simmers (which they would never do…) later on down the road. The lack of toddlers is just odd, to me, and is a backwards step to where the series started. Next thing you know they’ll tell us there’s no aging past childhood. Kids are kids forever and old people never die. Everyone seems nostalgic for old games these days, so why not bring back the Sims 1 aging?!

It’s not that I really enjoy toddlers, especially in the third edition of the series; I did enjoy them a bit in numĂ©ro deux because they were actually cute in that game. Actually, Sims in general were better looking in that game, but I digress. It’s more the principle of the matter: I don’t enjoy the knowledge that I am buying a half-baked game.

But as I said in the beginning I am, in fact, thankful for this trespass because it has made it that much easier for me to put off buying the game until the inevitable expansion pack bundled edition.

Polygon and Video Game Diversity

So during E3 Ubisoft made a bit of faux pas in saying that they were unable to have female assassins in the co-op mode of Assassin’s Creed Unity because “it was really a lot of extra production work”. They were almost immediately called out on it by others in the industry and the masses. This was perhaps compounded by the devs from Far Cry 4 stating they were oh so close to having a female character but then…reasons.

Polygon did a slew of articles on the issue(s) with Ubisoft and lack of diversity in general evidenced at E3. But what was interesting was every now and again in the comments section someone would point out how similar the gaming landscape and Polygon’s staff page looked. Shocker: mostly male, mostly white, and the few females don’t look older than twenty-five. Other gaming sites are just as bad, if not worse, and they lack any of the semi-valid excuses video game/tech companies have. After all, you can’t really (convincingly) argue that there is a lack of women with writing/journalist/English degrees. And with the economy in the gutter it probably isn’t that hard to find one who is willing to write about her favorite pastime. Or one who is at least thirty. I mean, according to their own reporting the average gamer is thirty-one.

This site and it’s sister publication, The Verge, are very good at pointing out the faults in the companies they cover and their hiring practices: how very non-diverse these places are. There never seems to be any real useful commentary on how to fix the problem, and yet they sit there with their own heavily white, male, staff. People in glass houses and all that jazz.

But the age thing bothers me as well. Seeing thirtysomething, balding, overweight men talk about games has become rather normal, but a woman who’s brain has finished developing not so much. It would be nice to see an organization acknowledge their own problems and what they are doing to fix them in addition to calling out others.