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The Problem with the IeSF Barring Women from Hearthstone

Today a bit of firestorm broke out when a post on Reddit┬árevealed that only men can participate in Finland’s Hearthstone qualifier. It turns out this is due to The International e-Sports Federation and its policies.

The problem here is that no one seems to be able to find the source of these “international sports regulations”. Probably because there are no set in stone rules for such a thing. Chess, for instance, does allow men and women to compete against each other. Oh, and then there is an actual sport (well is at the Olympics ­čśŤ ) were men and women compete on equal terms.

That is my issue. If you are going to segregate the sexes at least have proper reasoning all ready to go, elsewise you just have egg on your face and bring negative attention to your organization/cause. I also think it’s silly that there isn’t a men’s competition for Tekken.

It would seem that IeSF is taking feedback on board, but that could very easily be polite noise making. Call me cynical but I’m leaning towards it being nothing more than PR.heartstone

Hearthstone, You Are Addicting

Even though I am not the biggest fan of free-to-play, I can acknowledge when it seems to have been done right. And thus far in my playing, Blizzard’s Hearthstone┬áseems to have hit the right balance. A watered down version of Magic: The Gathering it may be, but that actually is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Hearthstone makes it easy to jump in and learn the ropes fast, and since the game tries to match you to another player of roughly equal skill, there is no fear of being crushed so completely in your beginning matches.

Fun with cards

This game was clearly made with tablets in mind, and the digital realm. It still manages to encompass the feeling of playing a physical collectible card game and a quick look in the store reveals it could very easily cost as much (or more).

I have not progressed terribly far in terms of ranks and the Arena does have a little bit of a paywall: you get in with gold so in theory you don’t have to actually use your own money if you win enough.

If one has access to a PC, Mac, or iPad, and one enjoys playing cards I would suggest giving it a try. That is one of the undeniable perks of free-to-play: no money down!