Getting Back To Health

For the past week or two I’ve began working out at the gym again after a much too long hiatus. I’m not as out of shape as I feared but my stamina is lower than it was when I was going regularly.

The hard part for me is everything else besides working out: watching the food I’m eating, drinking lots of water, and getting a good nights rest. I think I’m too much of a night owl to ever conquer the sleep thing but the other two just require me to stop being lazy and prepare meals ahead of time. And buy a water bottle.

A Sometime Completionist

I do not often attempt to get a 100% on any one game, but for some reason there are three or so games on my PlayStation 3 hard drive that I refuse to delete until I have gotten a platinum in each. And it’s not like I’m at 89% or something it’s probably an average of 50-60%. I need the space for new games and yet I can’t let go.

That and Saints Row is just stupid fun.