Well, today I got my history midterm back. *drumroll* I received a B!!! So very, very, happy. I want to get an A on the final, though. Man, I’m kind of sleepy ( it’s ten to 1 in the morning), but I don’t want to go to bed just yet. The chances of Whitty coming […]

Ring ring ring

Today I received three phone calls. Wyatt called my dorm to “check up” on me basically. He hasn’t seen me online…and for whatever reason that was enough of a push for him to call. My dad called and told me that I was an idiot for not realizing the ethernet ports doubled as phone jacks. […]

My weekend

Well, Whitty’s making me update…so…. Saturday I went and saw Shark Tale. Loved it! And I’ll admit the only reason I wanted to see it in theatres was because of Angelina Jolie. I ain’t too proud to admit that. I played Magic this weekend and…..discovered I have a crappy newbie deck. But at least I […]