Nightmare on Elm Street

Well. On the 18th I had to take the bus to work. It was a newish bus as far as buses go, and everything was going merrily and I thought it would be an okay day. Right before Camelback (a major street) I noticed we passed a street by the name of Elm, and I was reminded of the movies and thought to myself “haha I should take a photo”. Then the bus went dead.

I thought maybe she could start it back up, but no, she just opened the doors and we all herded out like so much cattle. She said the next bus for that route would be around in fifteen minutes, which was cutting a little close to clock-in time for me. I tried calling dad, but no answer, so I called my mother who in turn asked if I had called my dad. She did come and get me, so it worked out I guess, but I arrived at work so not in the mood to be there.

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  1. I’m glad you were not late!

    Of course it has to break down on Elm. D: I would have been a little scared. That movie freaked me out when I saw it as a kid.

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