Finally Caught Hanson Live

I don’t exactly hide the fact that I am a big time Hanson fan. I fell in love with the band when they released the single “Where’s The Love” back in 1997. No, I was not a “Mmmbop” fan and remain to this day pretty indifferent to it, but I digress.

I’ve been a fan for thirteen years, five studio albums, one Christmas album, two live albums…well you get the point. But it wasn’t until September 14th that I would see them perform in person. Was I excited? Ha! Understatement of the year.

There were two opening acts: You Hang Up and Rocket to the Moon. You Hang Up need a bit more *umph* I feel, but they haven’t been together long so I’m sure they’ll fix that soon enough. Also, the bassist has this “why am I here look” on his face which is a little off putting. 😛 Rocket to the Moon was interesting, and I don’t mean that in a bad way in the least. Looking at their videos on Youtube I expected a very scenester/emo/hipster/lookatmelookatme kind of band. The lead singer, however, has gotten a haircut and although his jeans showed off just how much he doesn’t seem to eat, it was surprisingly fairly typical melodic rock. However at this point I was just ready for Hanson to come on the stage.

Taylor Hanson
Taylor Hanson at Mesa Arts Center

Hanson came on about nine and the show lasted a good two hours. When they first came out onto the stage there was a brief moment where my inner thirteen year old went “oh my god I’m seeing Hanson” but she quickly went back to the ethers. To be honest I am still surprised at how non-strange it was to see them in person for the first time after so many years. I suppose all those live DVDs helped make the transition easy. What wasn’t easy was learning how to let go and just enjoy the experience. Not that long into the show the band went into “If Only” and Taylor demanded everyone jump. I was in the fourth row which meant I was in danger of getting singled out for not joining the jumping so at one point I did so (after noticing another fan get pointed at and realizing, yes, they can see you).

Oh yes, did I not mention my seat? The diagram on the venue’s site made it seem a bit of a distance and up on a ledge. Isaac could have thrown his pick at me with accuracy. I lucked out better than I realized when I had bought the tickets. Others in my row had the same surprise.

Anyway! By the end of the show I had learned to just forget about whoever was around me and just sing along and clap when Taylor demanded and just have fun. Which isn’t hard when they seemed to be playing most of my favorite songs! When Isaac started strumming the cords for “Hand In Hand” I about died inside and decided then and there that is my all time favorite Hanson song EVER. I had been hoping against hope they would play that and they did. Happiness. There were no covers unless you want to count the Jackson 5 instrumental they did when introducing the band in the middle of the set. Which was also awesome as Taylor tried to do a few steps. Taylor is very animated if you cannot tell.

Ah, Taylor. During the acoustic set Taylor seemed to have some sort of brain fart on the lyrics. The crowd seemed confused, unsure if this was another one of his attempts to have us sing the words for him, but by the smile on Isaac’s face Taylor’s silence wasn’t planned. 🙂 The guys have great banter and now I sound like a fangirl, but if I am to convince Kate to go see them live I must try and recall it all! At one point Zac mocked all the “I love you” shouts being directed towards them, comparing it to some sort of competition between the shouters. Taylor then offered to sell Zac for $5000 (he later dropped the price to a cool four grand); he also announced he has been to all the Hanson shows. Zac chimed in he had been to most, and gave a look that said “my brother is stupid but I love him”. Isaac had his own rambling moment at the end of which he acknowledge he had lost whatever original point he had had.

They just come across as a very down to earth group of guys who love what they do. Taylor, is well, Taylor and jumping up and down and seems high on life, Zac is on danger of breaking into a drum solo at any given moment, and Isaac during one song–I want to say “Give A Little”–was rocking out so hard his gelled hair came unglued.

All in all I left convinced that I couldn’t let this be my last show. Next tour I’m hoping to catch them more than once which will probably entail a California road trip. Heck, at one point in the show it seemed like a very reasonable expenditure to fly to New England and join Kate at a show. Although I admit I was mostly motivated by the knowledge that they would be hitting the east coast before the west and I am impatient. But I’m sure I’d enjoy Kate’s company too! 😀

And yes there were male fans! One such fan pointed out that he was the one who wanted to come the concert not his girlfriend.

So now the set list while my memory is fresh:

Waiting For This (Melody)
Make It Out Alive
If Only
And I Waited
Where’s The Love
Runaway Run
Carry You There
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Penny And Me
A Song To Sing
Been There Before
Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
Voice In The Chorus
Hand In Hand
This Time Around
A Minute Without You
Give A Little
Lost Without Each Other
Crazy Beautiful (Encore)

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  1. Buggling: Go on and tease!
    Nik: Thank you!

    *teases* 🙂 Oh how I love you for being so teasable!

    Also, selling a sibling for $4000 is pricy! Usually they are offered more at the spur of the moment for the price of an ice cream, or maybe if the kid is ambitious, for the price of a bike. $4000 is just not reasonable, regardless of the temperature.

    And I bet the guy who brought his girlfriend now gets to reproduce abundantly.

    It was very good that you loved it so and got to jump 🙂 Jumping someone means to have sex! I learned that from Capricorn One on TV

  2. Well, it does seem like you had a grand time. 🙂 It reminds me of the time I couldn’t get over having watched theatre in London, so yeah, I’m a little jealous too. Not about the Hanson thing, but for having a great time. Not that that means you shouldn’t have a great time… yes, I should just stop writing now…

    @Niklas: *spank* for making it seem like it was my idea to tease!

  3. A trip to New England and going to a concert with Marie? I am hoping that “one point” comes around again and you think it’s a reasonable expenditure again! Seriously though, you have made me want to go to a Hanson concert and admit it out loud. Even if I didn’t already now like their newer albums I am a sucker for good live concerts. o: And I would be happy for the Marie company too. :p

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