A Pedigree To Die For

OverDrive is running the Big Library Read and the featured book is Laurien Berenson’s A Pedigree To Die For. It is a quick read, with pretty fleshed out characters and, well, dogs. Lots of dogs, mainly standard poodles. I am not a dog person (cats are our masters) but the amount of intrigue and devotion surrounding the fictional dog show enthusiasts in the novel was enough to keep the digital pages turning even for me.

Melanie Travis is teacher who finds herself out of work during the summer. She has a four-year old son to care for an a mooching younger brother. When her uncle passes away and one of his and his wife’s prized dogs goes missing, Melanie decides to humor her aunt’s theory about a murder taking place. After all, she has nothing else to do in the summer months.

She gets a crash course in dogs and dog shows which is a little awkward for me since she seems to have no issue at using the correct terminology for female canines. I know it’s what professionals call them, but seeing the b word thrown around so much is just odd and probably says something about our current culture and women. Whatever, I (kind of) got over it.

There is such a quirky cast of characters surrounding these dogs, and the family drama both on the surface and bubbling underneath provided additional substance to gnaw on. Melanie’s love life, or lack there of, was also refreshing as opposed to the tired cliché I was half-expecting.

Apparently there is a whole series of Melanie Travis books, and a quick look at their titles and cover art suggest they also revolve around dogs. I’m going to give the next book in the  series a try, so we’ll see if this cat person can handle all this dog business.

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