I am not a fan of musicals. I change the channel when Grease comes on. I have a visceral reaction to Les Mis. I have had literally zero desire to see Cats. Chicago, Dreamgirls, and The Wiz are the only ones I enjoy (unless you count Disney cartoons, I guess). There are only three reasons I watched Hamilton: the boyfriend wanted to see it, I need to justify this Disney+ subscription, and I was curious what all the fuss is about.

Y’all, by the end of the first song I was already hooked.

Musically, I’m definitely more of an Act I fan over Act II but the entire production kept me captivated. Probably helps it’s based on history (even if a bit contested), and a history that I can’t recall ever hearing about during all my years in school. Aaron Burr? Never heard of him. Now I have, and I don’t really like him. ?

No joke, instead of going to sleep I stayed up and started re-streaming Hamilton on my phone. I made it forty minutes before my body rebelled. Saturday was spent listening to the soundtrack (mostly Act I) on repeat.

It’s a bit alarming watching oneself transform into one of those theater kids obsessed with some play, but…well it hit all the right Marie buttons apparently.

I’m not fully convinced I can become a musical fan, but I am at least 50% convinced they are not as all obnoxious and painful as Les Mis.

Although I will watch legit anything that has Daveed Diggs.

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