The Jackson Clan

The two sentence speech Paris Jackson gave at her father’s public memorial has been replayed–and analyzed–numberless times over the last twenty-four hours. For a large number of people seeing that little girl cry made them cry, but for me what warmed my heart was the embrace of the family afterward. Janet and Paris were hugging […]

Writing Workshop

Bleh, so Niklas and I have agreed to try and write at least 2-3k words per a week, because he doesn’t like to write alone and I work best with deadlines. I didn’t really want to edit Nik’s first submission-being that it was a freakin’ mini-novel-but I figured I might as well use my degree […]


I always get excited when I find an artist I like. I had heard of We Are Scientists in passing before, but never actually heard anything of theirs. Last night I ended up hearing two tracks of theirs from their 2005 album, so yeah, decided to check them out and now I’m in geeky heaven. […]