Hmm, well I have a 79% in Nut. Damn it all! *sighs* So close yet so far. Oh well. After the final I’ll either have a low B or a high C.

However! Things look good grade wise this semester which means I won’t be kicked out! Yay for Marie!

In other news…well actually there isn’t other news. I’m still thinking about my new layout idea. I just have to figure out how to make it.

Xmas shopping and salsa

I don’t believe it. I’m already thinking about a new layout! I think I’m addicted to making them or something. Or at the very least coming up with the concept.

I am in love with burritos. And salsa. That’s been my daily meal this week. Maybe I’ve been living in Arizona too long, but I am seriously in love with salsa. salsa

Okay, Christmas. What the hell am I going to buy people?! I am the worst at buying gifts for someone. Too much thinking involved. And then I’m always scared they’ll go out and buy it for themselves before I get a chance. Oh! Maybe I’ll just tack my name onto whatever my parents get each other. Then what little money I do have I can buy my buddies something. Everyone else can burn!!! Burn I say!

More Skins!

Well, last night I made two more skins. Yay! I felt inspired or something. Propably the game music I’m listening to. Anyway, that’s all this update was for. Too tired lately to do much on the web besides email/chat/homework. 🙁

Too early

It’s nice and overcast outside today. Not that I went outside. This was my first sleep in day in a week. Well not really, Devon had to register for classes at bloody seven AM. So her alarm woke me up while it was still dawn.

I just realized I can play video games. *hooks up her stuff*