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I am Undecided on Ghost in the Shell

I am a huge Ghost in the Shell fan. And when it comes to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex I’m not sure fan is even a strong enough word. I still haven’t seen Arise because I was (still am) bitter that it exists instead of a third season of SAC. That and they lack of the original English cast. Who were amazing. Amazing!

So when I heard that Hollywood was making a live action Ghost in the Shell movie I was excited. When I heard they cast Scarlott Johansson as the Major, I was disappointed and pretty much instantly wished the worst upon the film. I know. I’m petty.

And yet, I am also a fangirl. The teasers didn’t do anything for me, and seemed very blah. But then I saw a trailer that had all these homages to the original anime and my heart went a flatter. Yes, fanservice works on me, apparently. But still…Johansson as the Major? I was conflicted on going to see the film. The reviews did not make it sound like a film worth my money, which strangely made me more conflicted not less. Obviously I went to go see it or I wouldn’t bother writing about it.

I took the advice of a random dude on Reddit and saw the film in 3D. If you, random internet person, get the chance between standard and 3D I too would recommend the latter. It is a very pretty film and the 3D effects worked really well within the film, not like some movies where you can tell they did the shot specifically to make it “pop” out of the screen. The cinematography and set pieces are wonderfully done, although the city reminded me more of Blade Runner  and not so much Ghost in the Shell. The anime is a bit more cerebral than showy in my incredibly biased opinion. But it has been a while since I sat and watched them so I could be talking out my butt.

The story…eh…I went in with very, very, very low expectations due to all the negative reviews I had read. I knew what I was in for, including the “twist” at the end. So, if you read all the bad takes on the movie chances are you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see. It’s not really the worst thing out there, just not as deep and reflective of the cartoon it’s based on. There was a lot of potential and they just kind of squandered it. But alas, Hollywood.


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Birgitte Shepard: The Awesome

birgitte shepard
Birgitte Shepard

I have been promising Payal a post on my Shepard from Mass Effect and so, here she is! I also have a male Shepard (Gavin) but I consider FemShep to be my canon version. Anyway.

Here is Birgitte Shepard. Vanguard. Spacer. War Hero. Asari lover. One of the things I loved about my Shepard in the first Mass Effect was that she wasn’t a beauty queen. Unfortunately Mass Effect 3 seems to have had a prettying effect on her, but she’s still Birgitte.

Her love of Asari came about with the death of Kaidan. For whatever reason during my first playthrough  I had determined that Kaidan was to die, no matter what. I was a bit upset by it because that was Birgitte’s “man” but for whatever reason I wouldn’t kill Ashley off. Yeah, I don’t know. Anyway. I then went through the whole process of making Birgitte and Liara form a bond, using an older save. She’s been loyal to her ever since (mostly) and I think they are adorable together. 🙂

Birgitte is a Paragon but sometimes she lets her temper get the best of her. Dealing with all and handling people’s daddy issues while also trying to save the galaxy isn’t easy.

birgitte shepard

As mentioned before, Birgitte is mostly loyal to Liara. This in part is due to the lack of romance options FemShep has, especially in the lesbian department. Jack seems to swing both ways, but she’s only for BroShep. Miranda would have been fun, but she’s off limits too. Kasumi is off limits for both which makes no sense and is plain unfun. There is Kelly Chambers, and Birgitte may or may not have spent an evening with her. But that’s so fleeting. And then there is Samara.

Asari addict
Asari addict

Mutual attraction but alas, it is not meant to be. Which is probably for the best, because homeslice is crazy and not in the sort of cute way injured puppy way of Jack.

So there is no making out with Samara or any other Asari, actually. It’s all very disappointing. The Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC makes up for it. That’s probably my favorite section of the Mass Effect games.

liara and shep

So yes, ignoring Kelly Chambers, Birgitte was most faithful to Liara and through all the frustrating friendzoning going on in ME3 they do finally rekindle their romance and I turn into a complete sap every time. Especially with the Extended Cut. Ugh. Payal, you need to hurry and finish so I can discuss spoilers.

So there you have it, my Shepard. And yes this post is mostly a bunch of words for the excuse of looking at screenshots.

Commander Awesome
Commander Awesome

So I bought a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad

For the past few months I had been thinking about getting an iPad, and had convinced myself to go ahead and get the 3rd gen version. But then after the specs were released I found myself mildly disappointed. The improvements on last years model weren’t really that great and it felt like they were building up for the next release.

I didn’t like the idea of spending so much cash on a stop-gap model, and the now cheaper iPad 2 didn’t appeal especially with only the 16 gig version available and no SD expansion slot. The current crop of mid-higher end Android tablets didn’t sit right either. So, I decided to hold off.

But I still wanted a tablet. Or in actuality, a giant smartphone to make it easier to do light researching while being a couch potato. I also wanted something to watch Amazon Prime videos on (which also eliminated the iPad). The Kindle Fire was comparatively cheap and did all the tasks I wanted.

I love this stupid thing. I’m sure the big boy tablets are a bunch of fun but I’m happy with my cheapie.

Having said that, I do think the bigger boys would be better for certain activities, like reading comic books. Although, storage problems aside, I still think paper is the best medium for books in general.

Anyway. We’ll see if I’m still singing Amazon’s praises next year or if I’ve gone to the dark side and caved for Apple.