So I bought a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad

For the past few months I had been thinking about getting an iPad, and had convinced myself to go ahead and get the 3rd gen version. But then after the specs were released I found myself mildly disappointed. The improvements on last years model weren’t really that great and it felt like they were building up for the next release.

I didn’t like the idea of spending so much cash on a stop-gap model, and the now cheaper iPad 2 didn’t appeal especially with only the 16 gig version available and no SD expansion slot. The current crop of mid-higher end Android tablets didn’t sit right either. So, I decided to hold off.

But I still wanted a tablet. Or in actuality, a giant smartphone to make it easier to do light researching while being a couch potato. I also wanted something to watch Amazon Prime videos on (which also eliminated the iPad). The Kindle Fire was comparatively cheap and did all the tasks I wanted.

I love this stupid thing. I’m sure the big boy tablets are a bunch of fun but I’m happy with my cheapie.

Having said that, I do think the bigger boys would be better for certain activities, like reading comic books. Although, storage problems aside, I still think paper is the best medium for books in general.

Anyway. We’ll see if I’m still singing Amazon’s praises next year or if I’ve gone to the dark side and caved for Apple.

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