Whitney went home yesterday. ;_; So now I’m all alone in California. Well, August is coming up rather fast, which means soon I’ll be back at the dorms…. Yay for high speed internet! Boo for classes! Anyway, it’s half midnight, as Laura would say, and I’m not in the mood to go to bed. The only thing that makes me want to go is the fact that I plan on giving Whitty a wake up call this morning. Because she needs to watch the second half of Maury. Need to know if he’s her baby’s daddy. Um, tomorrow Grandma is going to try and get her cell fixed. And I’m going to try and get her to get me a new one. ^^


Today I wanted to go Denny’s…except Whitney doesn’t want to get off her pasty ass and get dressed. Such is my life. And that is all for now.


Soooo…. I’ve been listening to 4 Strings’ album. I don’t care what Whitney says, they’re better than Lasgo. You know, ever since I’ve began talking to Whitty I’ve come to realize I’m a bigger nerd than I thought I was. I mean, I’m kinda in an argument about a fantasy character with her mom. Which is sad. Very sad. Her mom is like a WOT dictionary whereas I can’t say anyones names to save my life. So while she is going on and on about some scene I read once, I can only comeback with: “Remember that dude who like died?”. Not very effective I’m afraid. The problem is, I know I’m right. Whitty is no help to anyone, Miss I-am-still-in-book-three. -_-