Hmm, well, I have an exam Monday, and another one the following week. How exciting! I’m also now a Virgin Mobile Insider. Whoo-hoo. I get to do surveys! The only reason I even replied to their email was for the chance of free phone time. That’s always good. I tried to set up international calling on my phone, but there were too many menus. I got frustrated. You have to say outloud the option you want instead of pushing a button like normal companies do. I’ll sit down and do it tomorrow though. Then I get to call lil Laura! Yay! Happiness!


My gods! For almost a week I couldn’t update or send email. How I’ve missed thee. ;-;

Yesterday I made a birthday graphic in 15 minutes or less. I’m disappointed. I should be faster.

I also decided it’s time to get back in the habit of writing. I used to be really good (or so I was told). What the hell happened?!

Oh, I did in fact go to the ASP meeting last night. Good times. I hope the group keeps some of the new members from last night. They were nice. And that sounds so fake. Anyway, I had a good time last night and that’s what matters. Even if we don’t actually talk about anything that has to do with the club itself.


“…the Republican Party in all it’s shameless glory is commandeering every tv station in America as it makes it’s bid for another 4 years of sanctioned corruption during their annual National Conference.
Pray for America.Pray for the world. ”

That’s from Shirley’s diary. God I love this band.


Blah, I don’t know if I’ll make it to tonight’s ASP meeting. But next week for sure! I just hate meeting at Starbucks. Never get a seat. Smell of coffee. Besides, I have homework due tomorrow that I never started. eeeee

Parents are a pain. That’s really all I want to say about that.

Well, it appears I am now the dorm’s computer expert. All because Devon said so! Yeah…thanks, hehe. But I don’t mind so much. A lot the questions they ask are simple and I can help them, so…

Gah, I need to track down Cheyenne…I miss her. ;-; See? I’m crying. Ok, not really. But I do miss her.

*hums* Well, it’s weird. Last week I was in a major bad mood, but now I’m almost happy. I think it’s my Lulu avatar. How can you deny her cuteness?! *ahem* If I didn’t have this damn canker sore I probably would be happy. Or if I didn’t have Christain stalkers again. Why do they allows follow me around?