So. After buring up 3 GB of bandwidth in three days, the stupid Googlebot finally downloaded the robots.txt file that told it to not do that! I cannot express how happy I am about this. If things had continued, I would have had to shut down the forum for awhile, and I didn’t want to do that. 🙁

In other news, I didn’t fall asleep until 6 AM, woke up a few hours later, and it took a couple more hours for me to realize why no one was going to work: It’s Saturday. I’m also so hungry it hurts, but that’s minor. Whitney and I got into a spat that lasted so long I actually forgot what we were arguing about. 😯 To add to that, I wasn’t even mad, so I was confused why I was arguing in the first place. We’re fine now, no worries, I just think we should avoid trying the serious talks at 4 AM.

Oh, back to bandwidth! I’m just so happy about that. Now I can work on those new layouts I’ve been planning without fear of teh Googlebot killing me. I’ve also almost decided to just do the MW revap, even if I have no idea when phpBB is going to release Olympus. I’m tried of the dark green look and upside down Moiraine. I don’t even know why I made her upside down! Anyway, I’m going to save all that work for when I get some artwork from my super nice art friends, i.e. beg.

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  1. “I just think we should avoid trying the serious talks at 4 AM.”

    I second that! But….Everything ended good, which is a rarity with our spats. So hopefully we have it out of our systems for a long while.:grin:

    Awesome about stopping the bw demon bot!! w00t. Can’t wait for the new MW look! (and you were going to right side her up ages ago…you jsut never did it!)

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