Apple Jacks

I’ve avoided talking about this because I don’t want to seem pushy or unprofessional; but I feel like I’m walking on eggshells, and I don’t like that. Posting on a forum isn’t going to kill you.

OK. That was a rant I made like, a week ago. I still agree with it, mind you, but I don’t care as much anymore. More important things like, food. I need to do my dishes so I can have some apple jacks. I hate dorm life! I like having a house with a kitchen right there when you need it. I have stolen plastic bowls from my roomie when I was too lazy to get dressed. *not ashamed*

This past weekend I went to my aunt’s wedding reception. Not much to say about that really. Jennifer got drunk and danced the night away; I was stressed out about work; dad didn’t understand why Mom didn’t want to come. Normal family affair. I think it’s safe to say CC is my fave cousin on my dad’s side. You just have to meet her to understand. Of course, she’s also my dad’s favorite, so it’s possible he just passed it down to me.

I walked seven miles to Target on Thrusday to get Knife of Dreams. It was worth it! So, I guess I’ll share my thoughts:

Siuan: I don’t really like her anymore, and haven’t for some time. She’s acting childish, which is something I dislike.

Thom: Well…I like Thom now. Just a little. 😳

Aes Sedai in general: Acting like fools, and I can see why some fans dislike them as much as they do. The pillow friendship was a bit overkill, RJ.

Tarna: Likes boys?!

That’s about all I feel like writing. Other than I hope Min DIES.

Oh, and I bought Nightlife. Let the Sims drama begin!

Work work work

So, the first day. I started out making smoothies and was actually kind of enjoying it, but then I was put on one of the wrap stations. Not really that much fun. I kept thinking “any minute now I’ll be back on smoothies”. Never happened. I’m hoping on Wednesday I’ll just be in the smoothie station, because I really dislike the whole wrap thing. I can’t really remember everyone’s names; I know Josh, Allison, and Jeremy. Well and Sarah of course. After getting off work my lower back hurt, followed by sore feet. Which makes sense, being that I’m not used to standing for five hours straight. Walking home caused my legs to hurt, which in turn made it hard to fall asleep.

I actually overslept and didn’t wake up until 7:52, which is eight minutes before my first class. As it turns out, some chick was making a presentation that lasted until 35 past the hour, so I didn’t actually miss anything. In fact, rest of the class period was taken up with everyone standing in line to get their tests back. I got a B by the way.

Today, I was on regisiter all damn night. Of course, as luck would have it, tonight was one of the busier ones. Not exactly the best time to learn a new skill. I suppose it forced me to learn fast. I’d actually rather do that and smoothies than wraps. I don’t know if you can tell, but I really hate the wrap thing. Oh, and my schedule changed. Now I work Sunday-Tuesday because one of the other new chicks was originally suppose to have the Tuesday closing shift, but found out she had something else to do at 6 Tuesday nights. This works out pretty good I guess. I tend to do all my French homework Wednesday nights, so not working will help.

Having said that, I’m actually updating instead of doing homework for my Ethnic class. I’m so horrid!