Apple Jacks

I’ve avoided talking about this because I don’t want to seem pushy or unprofessional; but I feel like I’m walking on eggshells, and I don’t like that. Posting on a forum isn’t going to kill you.

OK. That was a rant I made like, a week ago. I still agree with it, mind you, but I don’t care as much anymore. More important things like, food. I need to do my dishes so I can have some apple jacks. I hate dorm life! I like having a house with a kitchen right there when you need it. I have stolen plastic bowls from my roomie when I was too lazy to get dressed. *not ashamed*

This past weekend I went to my aunt’s wedding reception. Not much to say about that really. Jennifer got drunk and danced the night away; I was stressed out about work; dad didn’t understand why Mom didn’t want to come. Normal family affair. I think it’s safe to say CC is my fave cousin on my dad’s side. You just have to meet her to understand. Of course, she’s also my dad’s favorite, so it’s possible he just passed it down to me.

I walked seven miles to Target on Thrusday to get Knife of Dreams. It was worth it! So, I guess I’ll share my thoughts:

Siuan: I don’t really like her anymore, and haven’t for some time. She’s acting childish, which is something I dislike.

Thom: Well…I like Thom now. Just a little. 😳

Aes Sedai in general: Acting like fools, and I can see why some fans dislike them as much as they do. The pillow friendship was a bit overkill, RJ.

Tarna: Likes boys?!

That’s about all I feel like writing. Other than I hope Min DIES.

Oh, and I bought Nightlife. Let the Sims drama begin!

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  1. I’m getting KoD tomorrow!

    Min has disappointed me really badly in the latter books, so I’m not overly surprised that she’s at her silly best!

    And you shouldn’t be complaining about drunk relatives dancing the night away… you should see some of mine!

  2. Yes Laura, I think we’ve realized that…

    Siuan?!? Heavens woman! Well, I’ll admit, she’s acting out of character, but deep down you do still like her, don’t you?

    *pleading gaze*

  3. Between you commenting and Kate posting, I think I just died of shock.

    Nancy, hun, not everyone is in love with Siuan. *pets* However, her thing with Bryne is getting on my nerves. She needs to admit she’s in love, have his baby, and get it over with! *coughs*

  4. That acerbic tongue in your duckie mouth is quite a thing to behold! 👿

    Some people can never admit they’re in love, lol. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey lived together for something like twenty years, and he *still* hadn’t divorced his wife. 🙄 In that case she admitted it to herself but he couldn’t. Aren’t people aggravatingly complex? 😆 Siuan and Gareth are like those kind of old people. *cough*

  5. *coughs* I don’t know why. Everyone’s coughing, so I thought I should join in!

    I DO NOT like Moiraine’s letter… and while I hope she does return (haven’t finished the book yet), I also hope it’s all worth it!

  6. *passes around cough drops* 😆

    I wasn’t expecting a lot of romance in the letter, so actually I was pleased with what there was. *sort of likes Thom* The fact that she knew so much was a little annoying though. It would have been better for Mat & co. to figure it out on their own. Laying everything out on the table seems to be the theme of this book. 😐

  7. My tongue is not acerbic. *tuts* Stop using fancy words! You’re just like Moiraine and her love of “heed” and “appointed”! Ok not really. I can’t say acerbic. I mean, I can, but my tongue wants to say it differently than my brain.

    I hope those are orange flavored cough drops…:!:

  8. Umm,.. I don’t like Moiraine’s letter at all! You might have to read a bit between the lines but there are lots and lots of love in it…

    I don’t aprove of their love. In fact, I don’t like the idea of Moiraine haveing a single person. It’s sooo old fashion. She should watch sex and the city and have some love life drama that lives up the standards of her forum *nods*

  9. Vertex boy, your incisive comments leave me floored. You should do a serious in-depth study of the various subtexts in the WOT theme!


  10. *wades through the sarcasm, coming out on the other side* ➡ Lala.. old fashioned love is so sweet, especially with a man that’s almost thirty years older then you are.. lala.. especially if his skin has been finely aged to tree root consistancy. ➡ I just feel like sighing and fanning myself all day long, and forgetting all about any *gasp* past lesbian love affairs.

    *twirls in a pretty ballerina circle* ❗

    She’s not exactly acting like that. 😉 I’m still with Marie in liking Thom a bit. *can’t say water..speaking of acerbic.. it comes out in the philadelphian “wooder” most of the time, and bad is “bayeed”*

  11. *posts again just to see Marie’s reaction*


    *Marie dies from the shock*

    Oops. Didn’t mean for that to happen.

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