Oh no you didn'!

Apparently, Jan, Kate, and myself are all giant fluffballs of DOOM! *thunder & lightning* OK, Kate is obviously a giant fluffball of DOOM. But me?! I am the DARK ONE! I am your lord and master! I have no fluff in me whatsoever! I am deeply offended that anyone would even suggust that I, Marie, am fluffy. Jan may or may not be offended depending on whether she is sane at the moment. Kate, as stated before, is indeed fluffy, and therefore, has no reason to be offended.

There’s something wrong with my main layout. It looks fine on the school computers, Niklas’ computer, I’m assuming Jan’s since she didn’t say it didn’t, but on my laptop it looks horrid! This has made me semi-very upset.

The thing that is really pissing me off (outside of being considered fluffy!) is my missing microphone. I looked in both boxes, luggage, desk, thingie thing, and no mic. I’m hoping it’s at my father’s and not in the dump.

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  1. Marie is fluffy. Here is proof:

    Vertex: You went all ” I love my dad ”
    Marie: lol I did not!
    Vertex: Are you saying you don’t love your own father?! *gasps*
    Marie: I do love my father and my mother!
    Marie: And my pet Swede Niklas

    I think it speaks for itself.

  2. 👿 Fluffball?! What is this business!? Who said it??

    *rages* I may be a fluffball.. but I am a fluffball with.. TEETH! Pointy ones! And, I will bounce all over the person who said this with my *Teeth!* out to poke and bite!!

    Marie, of course, is most certainly The Dark One of Fluff. This has always been so. She may make this face: 😈 but she’s making it surrounded by cute fuzzy fluff n’ stuff.

    Jan is so fuzzy fluffy that she has her own catagory of fluffy. It’s called Payal’s Extreme Cuteness. Not only is she fluff, but she’s soft fluff. *petpet* Cuddly, even. Watch out, though, for she is closely alinged with The Dark One of Fluff, and cannot be trusted. *hums innocently* It’s always the cutest things that are the most deadly. Witness: ➡ the singing Elmo doll. ➡

  3. There, there. *pet* It’s not good for the Dark Master of Wickedness to get so upset. 🙁 I seem to recall Whitney being the supreme Maven of Fluff. So, it’s no matter. 😀

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