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Xmas is just around the corner. Oh where did the time go?! I have sent both Nik and Laura’s gifts (ok Amazon sent them..but I paid for it!), so that’s two down, and…a few more to go. Maybe I can find something this weekend. I hope so! Does anyone want a Christmas card? For some reason I feel like spreading the cheer. Or something.

I’ve been feeling almost productive the last couple of days. Well, the feeling has gone down a bit, but for awhile it was damn good. There’s something to be said about getting things done. Like..packing! I should probably do that within the next couple of hours. My father is picking me up to go home for Thanksgiving. Oh…the yams! The wonderful, wonderful, yams. Not to mention family. I’ll be with my mom for Thanksgiving dinner, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to see some of my dad’s relatives too.

Bobbing for cherries! *shakes head* That comment still has me in shock.

I ordered my kitty hat and I should have it in time for Christmas. ➡ I will of course take a picture or two.

Well, birdies, I’m off to bathe, clean, and pack. To my fellow American, Red, have a happy Turkey Day! To all you others out there…uh…I’ll eat apple pie with ice cream in your honor.

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  1. *puts up hand* Yup, I wanna cardie! Always! Or you could wait about a month from Christmas and send me a birthday card. Or both! 😛

    “Bobbing for cherries” has given me some mental images I could well have done without! 😯

    Anyway, as we say around here, season’s greetings! Happy Thanksgiving *still has no idea what it’s about*!!

  2. Happy Turkey Day, duckie! Oh yams.. *smacks her lips* When I had yams today I thought of you. 😀

    Who in the heck made that comment about bobbing for cherries? The nerve of some people! 😳

    Thanksgiving, goose, is a sham. But, it’s nice to get together with family anyhow to sit down and have a meal. If you don’t strangle them first.. *sigh* 😉

  3. Oooh! Which day is it? Me needs to make sure to eat turkey or I will feel deprived for a whole year and toss raisins at people smaller then me *nods*

  4. I’d send you mine since the comp doesn’t seem to accept it.. but I threw it and am afraid it wouldn’t work. 😥

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