A mighty battle

Tonight in the shower when I prepared to wash my face, I noticed a cricket in the stall. I splashed water on him in an attempt to get him to leave, and at first it seemed to be working. Until, that is, the cricket turned around and hid in my skirt. I was horrified. I have no idea how long I stood there staring at my skirt. I left the bathroom and returned with a hanger, thinking I would…do something. The cricket was sitting just outside my skirt. Staring at me. I left again to get a shoe in the vain hope I could find the courage to kill it. I came back with the hanger again. The cricket was no where to be seen, which only made me freak out more. I managed to gather my tote and get it out of harms way. And then the hard part: How to reclaim my clothes. I used the hanger to drag the skirt out length wise, the process of which almost gave me a panic attack. Then in a fit of anger and fear I proceeded to stomp on it, hoping to kill the bastard. All I did was scare him out of the bottom, but at least he was out! I did finally gain possession of my skirt.

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  1. O Brave One, why art thou not IM-ing me any more?!

    I know you can’t be dead because you’re busy foxing phpBB’s counting abilities!

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