Oh wow, did I just save myself some cash! I was going to buy a box set of DVDs at Amazon for $138. I was just about to hit the place order button when I thought to myself “why not check out”. Reason? Well, the last time I was in a Best Buy store, they had various box sets for sell under $100. So, I did a search and discovered that they were selling the exact same set for $99.99. Add in tax and shipping and it was $109, which is still less than Amazon. As much as I love Amazon, I’m not going to spend thirty extra dollars on something when I don’t have to. I can now afford to buy another box set I was looking at, which is the same price as the one I bought. If I had bought them both at Amazon (not at the same time…I’m not rich!) it would have cost $275. With Best Buy it’s only $220 (rounded up). I’m going to wait to pay off my credit card before buying the other set. One, because I like have a low credit card balance, and two, because I don’t plan on watching it until I go home for the summer anyway. So why buy something if it’s just going to sit on your desk looking pretty?

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  1. Hi !

    Which movies did you get, Marie ?

    I like buying DVD’s, but only if it is a very interesting movie at a very good price… the last time, I got Great Expectations and a nice french movie called La Pianiste

    I usually buy them in person in the Liverpool shop, with cash… I would never get a credit card, and even if I had one I wouldn’t buy on Internet 🙂

    I’m weird I know… .


    BTW, Hi Niklas!!!!

  2. I’d rather know exactly what you bought than how much it cost… 😡

    Hello Sheila… we haven’t met, have we?

    Niklas, are you a vampire yet?

  3. Hi !

    Niklas, I hope you read this- I miss you very much… what exactly happened to you ?

    Jan: Nopes, We haven’t met… I just started posting at Marie’s blog and it would be nice to meet new friends here !!! !

    Sometimes it’s possible to see Me in Yahoo! messenger… do you use it ?


  4. Hi Marie !

    I was researching about Wolf’s Rain… it looks interesting, those anime works are always weird !!! !

    I usually never understand what the heck is happening whenever I try to watch an episode of an anime show… you need to follow them from the very beginning of the series, but I like them Anywayz

    I hope you enjoy it !

    Jan: Thanks, I’ll try to contact you


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