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I’ve begun playing Civilization again after about a month long break. Siuan Sanche is scary. Need to tone that chick down just a tad. Or, maybe, I need to learn to take her out early. But then again, in one recent game, before those across the ocean and I had met, the Cairhienin civilization had gotten destroyed. By Siuan it turns out.

I suck at the Warlord difficulty setting, by the way. I really need to learn to build up military units. The higher in difficulty you go up, the more war hungry other nations become…. I suppose I could always play with the always at war/peace options, but that feels a bit like cheating. (And I am trying to cut back on my temptation to cheat)

One thing I am interested in is making my own map. A WOT based map, obviously. But I think it might better to wait until I have some more nations done (and I’m not editing/adding anything until I win some games on Warlord level!). Also making custom scenarios.

I’d also like Civ Rev to come out on Wii, but I don’t think I should hold my breath. 🙁