BJD Musings

I had no idea what to title this post.

Anyway, yes I have indeed ordered my next doll. A 28cm Customhouse Petite Ai Yuriel. Free Image Hosting at

Cutie face. 🙂

I will now admit how much I want a YoSD (I have no idea if I should make the “o” capital or not). There is the USA web dolpa coming up and then the dolpa in December. If there is a yo I want I will try and get it. If it’s a lottery deal, hohoho friends, get ready to help me out! Assuming, of course, there is one I want that is released at all. 😛 But yes, I really really want a yo.

Eh, so far the limited dolls available for the US dolpa are crap! I like Williams, but not as a one-off. But I really wanted some yos! I am so disappointed it isn’t even funny. I guess I have to keep waiting to find my little one. 🙁 I should be happy about saving money for a little while, but alas, that is not where my head is right now for some reason.

I’ve also decided I want Ayleena to get urethane eyes. And a new wig. The eyes will have to wait until the next preorder, and then I won’t actually have them until months later. *sigh* Not only is this an expensive hobby, it is one filled with much waiting. Of course both of those are a result of the handmade nature of the items. But still! *impatient*

I really should be happy that there are no yos (so far) at the web dolpa, because there’s a lot of crapo I need to get Perseus. But I was so prepared to spend a good portion of my November income at Volks!