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I had no idea what to title this post.

Anyway, yes I have indeed ordered my next doll. A 28cm Customhouse Petite Ai Yuriel. Free Image Hosting at

Cutie face. 🙂

I will now admit how much I want a YoSD (I have no idea if I should make the “o” capital or not). There is the USA web dolpa coming up and then the dolpa in December. If there is a yo I want I will try and get it. If it’s a lottery deal, hohoho friends, get ready to help me out! Assuming, of course, there is one I want that is released at all. 😛 But yes, I really really want a yo.

Eh, so far the limited dolls available for the US dolpa are crap! I like Williams, but not as a one-off. But I really wanted some yos! I am so disappointed it isn’t even funny. I guess I have to keep waiting to find my little one. 🙁 I should be happy about saving money for a little while, but alas, that is not where my head is right now for some reason.

I’ve also decided I want Ayleena to get urethane eyes. And a new wig. The eyes will have to wait until the next preorder, and then I won’t actually have them until months later. *sigh* Not only is this an expensive hobby, it is one filled with much waiting. Of course both of those are a result of the handmade nature of the items. But still! *impatient*

I really should be happy that there are no yos (so far) at the web dolpa, because there’s a lot of crapo I need to get Perseus. But I was so prepared to spend a good portion of my November income at Volks!

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  1. Yo! Yes, I am glad you admitted. You should give in to the Yos even more and try to get two of them.

    They just need to be standard. It doesn’t even make sense for Volks, because I’m sure people would be buying them.

    Do you know which eyes you want for Ayleena?

  2. You need two so that one will have a friend in case you get bored of taking pics of just the one Yo and Perseus. 🙂

    They do not. They’re not as unhinged as Luts at least.

    I love Mystics. If they had a pre-order open I would have got them for Thom/Rainey.

  3. You could have posted about something besides dollies as well! I have no idea what to say on the topic, and so I won’t.

    And now I get ice cream boats. For me, and me alone. That way, I get it twice.

  4. You know, after much thinking and planning, I have decided to get my own dollfie! 😀 I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.

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