I love the IRS!

I know those are words rarely heard, but right now it is true! I went to the IRS website to check on my refund status, and was told there was a mistake. Not good news, right? Except this mistake meant I would be getting $300 bucks more! HAHAHAHAHA!

This means I will be getting the Nikon D90 soon! EHEHEHEHEHEHE!

Although Kate’s “suggestions” about me getting Nynaeve are tempting, I’d rather wait until summer at least. *looks at*

Between the refund and my savings account, this camera will cost me so little! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Do I seem excited?

Back to the Westlands

I have been doing some thinking about my Westlands mod for Civilization IV, specifically thinking about things I need to change, finish, add, etc.

  1. Balance out the unique units. When I made Cairhien’s first UU it was mostly a reaction to getting killed off by the Aztecs all the damn time, in other words I was angry and not really thinking. This has lead to me having to try and balance all the other civs’ UUs which is becoming a little bit more difficult with the more civs I add. I’m thinking of bringing them down in strength a little, and also looking at the bigger picture of which units are good against each other, so that every nation has someone who can kick their ass.
  2. Finish Civilopedia. I have been lazy with writing up the entries for the leaders/civs/UU/buildings, but it would be a lot easier to finish that up now than later when I have even more civs to account for.
  3. Add more civs. That kind of goes without saying, but I do want to eventually add the Aiel and the Seanchan. The Aiel will be based on the Middle Eastern or African culture (the Native American one has too much specific graphics for me to deal with), but I am leaning towards ME since I wouldn’t have to worry about, you know, black Aiel. I just can’t for the life of me remember what the ME units look like. The Seanchan are easy since they have a Texan accent I will just use America as their base.
  4. Add more leaders. I am not sure I want to add more leaders to the civs now or later, since leaders are far more of a pain in the ass than making a new civ. But different leaders do add to the play value so….

I’ve also thought of making a single page website for it, mostly to keep track of what I am doing, but also so it is easier to have a place to keep the most recent version. But mostly because I just like web design. 😛