Life with Zen

Back in 2005 (I think) I wrote a short story for class about Sachiko and her friend Megan. Lesbian love develops. Oh la la! The following year I wrote a first-person narrative (my first, no pun intended) from Megan’s point-of-view. The professor loved it and having just read both pieces I have to say I did improve a bit in the writing there.

I love these two girls. But I haven’t spent much of any time with them in uh, years really. For instance, I had forgotten that Sachiko only refers to Megan by her nickname “Zen”. And since Megan’s piece was in first-person I can’t really say what she would refer to herself as, in her head at least. Aloud she calls herself “Zen” too.

Anyway, the point is I want to expand on this story of theirs I’ve created but I am so out of practice! I am not sure where to even start the, I don’t know, novella form of the story. I think it’d make most since to start from near where the first short story did, I also am thinking first-person might be the best option.

I’m fairly certain I’ve forced both shorts onto everyone who is currently reading this blog post.


This past month I have been heavily distracted by vBulletin drama/IPB conversion stresses.

I am also on the hunt for a new computer. My last two have been laptops but this next one will be a desktop; desktops are easier to upgrade and improve upon, not to mention more bang for the buck. I was thinking that maybe one day I’ll invest in a netbook (oh how trendy) for something easy to move around with and do basic things like email, Word, surfing, etc. I’m looking forward to a new computer because then I can use newer version of Photoshop (Nik can help me out with that I’m sure…) and being able to play Sims 3 in my bedroom and not in view of the whole family.

I bought a hot glue gun today and hot glue sueded Caraline.  It  makes a difference, let me tell you. Of course now she’s a wee bit squeaky, hehe, but I’m the only one to hear. I mean she’s a doll, it’s not like she’s going to be walking around. Or if she is, at least now you can hear her coming which is a scary thought so I’ll just leave it there.

I’m halfway through the forth book of A Song of Ice and Fire.

My hair grew longer.