Restringing Tinies Sucks

anna restringing
Why did I do this
And is painful! I, like a fool, decided to restring floppy Anna. I’m not sure how long it actually took me, but my fingers are still sore. The problem is her two part foot. The ankle part acted as a barrier to getting the s-hook and elastic to mate. For one of the feet I had to basically sit there and hold the ankle/foot and coax the elastic into the shook one little jab of a paper clip at a time. The next foot was easier and I suspect the right foot’s s-hook is just being a little pansy. But it had to have taken at least a good twenty minutes to figure out a way to get her feet back on; all the normal ways were just not working.

anna restring
All worth it..maybe
However, I did get her back together and she can now stand on her own again. But did I stop there? Of course not! I figured since I was already in pain I might as well finally restring Ayleena. My DoC’s also posses an ankle part in addition to the foot but in their case instead of a s-hook there is a slot you hook the elastic under to connect foot to leg. I had forgotten this detail (it’s been over two years since I unstrung one of them). But in Ayleena’s case it wasn’t the feet and ankles that gave me problems but getting the stupid elastic back up her torso and head. The hole into her lower portion was smaller than Anna’s! That does not make any sense and made things very difficult when the string snapped back into it.

Anyway, Ayleena’s left leg is no longer spinning around like some teacup ride and any other doll that needs restring is just going to have to live with being floppy.

4 thoughts on “Restringing Tinies Sucks”

  1. Did your fingers get cut from that tiny elastic? :/ Eh, restringing bigger dolls is hell. I am not looking forward to fixing Zenzen and Lily when their strings get loose!

    Those extra ankle parts are a pain in the ass too. D:

    1. I bought them after previous attempts at restringing. You don’t need them, they just make it easier.

      Yes this could have been even harder than it was.

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