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Fanson love.

Finally Caught Hanson Live

I don’t exactly hide the fact that I am a big time Hanson fan. I fell in love with the band when they released the single “Where’s The Love” back in 1997. No, I was not a “Mmmbop” fan and remain to this day pretty indifferent to it, but I digress.

I’ve been a fan for thirteen years, five studio albums, one Christmas album, two live albums…well you get the point. But it wasn’t until September 14th that I would see them perform in person. Was I excited? Ha! Understatement of the year. Continue reading Finally Caught Hanson Live

Almost Rant

The new Hanson video leaves much to be desired. But what really upsets me is the lack of West Coast dates. I normally don’t care where Hanson tours, since I’ve never planned to go to a concert, but I did want to go this year, and of course they’re not coming. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m missing out on Garbage’s concert this September that makes me so damn near mad at those Tulsa boys. I also spent last night in the Hanson chat, and, well, the only highlight was Tay’s comment: I’m thinking!!! Of course, only a Fanson will get that. 😉

I wonder how long I’ll be a Hanson fan? I can’t see myself stopping, and yet, if their next album is on par with Underneath…. This Time Around was a damn good album. Even, what, five years later I still enjoy it. I listen more to the various membership CDs more than their last album. They’re releasing yet another live CD, which I know I’ll end up buying. I don’t want another version of “Mmmbop” or “Penny & Me”, but I can’t not buy it (double negitive!). I’ll probably also rejoin the fanclub for a fourth year in a row. I suppose if I was that unhappy with Hanson I could have my voice heard with my wallet, and yet, I keep hoping they’ll come out of their slump and remind me why I love them.