Well, today I got my history midterm back. *drumroll* I received a B!!! So very, very, happy. I want to get an A on the final, though.

Man, I’m kind of sleepy ( it’s ten to 1 in the morning), but I don’t want to go to bed just yet. The chances of Whitty coming on are slim to none, but this is the first night I’m able to stay up late since last Sunday. And might be the last one until next week too. I’m going to make it last, baby! Although, I’m a bit tired of being online. I was going to take a nap today around three, but Niklas came on and, well, here I am. Between him and Lynny I get no peace. In fact, thanks to Lynn I did lord knows how many quizzes for my livejournal.

I called my mother today, and she said I received a package. That could only be the New Spring comic. Too bad it didn’t arrive on time. >>; Then I could have actually read it. Oh well, something to look forward to. I doubt I got #1 tho. Oh well. I’ll survive…somehow.

Whenever I listen to some old favorite songs of mine, I all of a sudden get inspired to work on something; be it graphics or fiction. Tonight it was a new forum avatar and signature. I ended up redoing the SIG to better match the avatar. Not that anyone cares.