Almost there

I did my French final last night. It wasn’t too bad. I guessed on one question, because honestly, I reread the passage five times and there was no answer. The writing…eek. I’m horrible at spelling so I guessed at that too. ^^() When I turned it in, Virginie (the prof) handed me my roleplay grade. I received a 100/100, and apparently my pronunciation was “très bien!”. That’s actually really good news because now I don’t have to have a fantastic final grade to maintain my B.

The New Spring comic is coming out in July. :sec: Whitney is suppose to order it for me (and pay for it, but that’s a minor detail). I’ve actually thought of doing it myself because I don’t want anyone in her family touching my copy. I want to be the only one! I’m such a loser nerd, but I don’t like finger prints on my stuff.

I need to stop surfing the web and study for my last final. Not to mention finish packing.

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