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My dad called me at 9 something saying he’ll be down here to visit this afternoon. This is on one hand great, because now I can get a card for my phone AND some food. Not to mention he’ll be taking some things back to Phoenix, so there’ll be that much less to pack next week. But my room is such a mess! It’s just…horrible. And my roommate is trying to sleep so I’m scared to make too much noise. Although I’ve been making enough talking to Nikki (she’s called three times since 10) 😛 Silly girl.

I took a shower at 2 AM this morning. I was planning on 1 but that didn’t work out. Then I was up until 3:30+ talking with Jen Pen, Niklas, and finishing up Whitty’s new blog. I feel rested, maybe not well rested, but rested nonetheless.

OK, well, I’m going to wait to talk with Laura, but then it’s back to cleaning/packing. 🙄

Well, I read this and must say, I can relate. I have no words of encourgement, because I’ve yet to find any myself. Right up until college the only thing that made me special were my grades. Friends? Ha. I’ve had some real good ones, I’ll admit, but I honestly have no social life to speak of. I have a bit of an online life, mostly due to MW, but that seems to cause more drama then anything.

I’m ending my 2nd year of college, and have yet to make a single friend here. And yet, I don’t really feel bad about that. I’m not in the mood to have shallow relationships. All my friends are long distance; the closest one being two hours away.

The only words I can find that make it seem not so sad and harsh are: c’est la vie.

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  1. Oohh, you have a blog!! ^_^ It’s looking lovely, and is too (do you mind if I link your blog?).

    There’s… nothing like a wake-up shower at 2AM, I suppose. Not that I’ve ever tried that before. XD

    *hides* And thanks for your words… it really is comforting to know that someone else knows what I’m going on about. I think you hit the nail on the head with the “shallow relationships” thing, because that’s all I’ve really experienced since primary school and I’ve never been very good at maintaining relationships like that (probably due to lack of interest, too :P). Ah well. I’m usually not that emotional about it, it just chafes and bursts out once a year or so. ^^;; And then contentment returns. ➡

  2. Thank you. ^^ (and of course I don’t mind)

    I usually don’t think about my relationships or lack thereof unless family starts making comments. Then I get depressed, which seems wrong to me. Aren’t parents suppose to make one happy? I don’t have a lot of friends because I have no interest in pretending to like the Bitchney Spears, drinking, and weed. I’ve decided you most read books to be my friend. *nods*:grin:

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