Random Things

  1. I like jam sandwiches
  2. I have seen The Bodyguard at least 40+ times.
  3. I only switched to Firefox because IE kept messing up my cookies
  4. I can’t dance
  5. I’ve owned every version of Gameboy except Color
  6. In junior high I wanted purple contacts
  7. I rarely, if ever, finish my video games
  8. Being a vBulletin owner makes me happier than it should
  9. The Anita Blake novels made me want to learn to shoot
  10. I want more doll friends 😀

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  1. I’ve been researching about that Anita Blake series… *Sheila Shocked* Oh my gosh, a christian vampire-slayer who awakens the dead, uses knives and guns and lives in a parallel Earth ???

    I hope you don’t take THAT seriously 😛

    By the way, I’m unable to dance as well -I feel so silly when I try- And now I want another cat, so it seems we’re quite similar in some ways 🙂

    Spring has been torturing Me here, but I’m fine… .


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