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While at my hellhole of a job tonight, I distracted myself thinking of what the hell I am going to do with Ayleena’s faceup. As much as I would like to get Elnore, getting the dolls I already have situated takes priority. So. Ayleena. Faceup. Finding a commissioner in DoA is a PITA due to the overloaded marketplace. Add to that that I have “criteria” and it makes it even harder.

In no order of import:

1. Can do slight modification. I love the tender eyes, really I do, but if Ayleena’s eyelids were just a smidgen less hooded I would be overjoyed. Tender Too looks delightfully cute, but Tender Bee-a can look delightfully high on crack cocaine if you look at her the wrong way.

2. Applies eyelashes. I don’t mean that they have to supply them (although the lazy girl in me likes it when they do), but I seem to always find the ones who simply do not put eyelashes on dolls. Ever. I don’t trust myself around something that small with glue, so yeah. Need lashes.

3. In the US. The extra wait time that comes with international shipping plus the issue with customs…yeah don’t want to bother.

4. CAN DO ELEVEN YEAR OLDS!!!! Ok this is obviously most important. Ayleena is a child. Not a MNF Shiwoo hooker. Maybe I am old fashioned, but eleven year olds don’t (or at least their mamas shouldn’t let them) wear purple eyeshadow with black lipstick and heavily tweezed eyebrows. I like children to look like children, kthxbye.

5. Oh. And her eyebrows should match her wig. Since her wig is a natural black from Leeke, I don’t see that as an issue for any faceup artist.

Anyway, I can live without the slight modification for now, but it is a plus. I’d even be willing to ship to Canada if it came down to it. But still, meeting all those points would be ideal. I’m trying to narrow down my top choices so that when I am ready to send her off (not 100% sure when that is, hopefully next couple of months) I can try and get a spot and get it over with.

Right now as it stands I’m looking at armeleia, SDink, and CherryStreet. Armeleia is in the lead for now, followed by CherryStreet. I’m in a bit of honeymoon period with SDink since I just saw a faceup of hers last night that made me stop and stare. So not sure where she will end up in my pecking order as of yet.

This turned out to be a lot longer than I intended. 😐

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  1. I like armeleia for Ayleena, simply because she does natural in a way that isn’t too glossy, if that makes sense. Plus, she does mods. *opiniongiving*

    I can’t wait to see what she looks like after her new faceup too. πŸ˜€ Yay, Ayleena!

  2. Ayleena should be an easy doll to do for…whoever does her, since I don’t have anything real specific in mind. I just want her damn eyebrows to match her hair! And, of course, for her to look age appropriate. It would be nice to see what someone’s interpretation of a smirky eleven year old looks like.

    Yeah, someone who does a good natural faceup is of high importance! It also cuts down a lot of the artists I’ve run across on DoA. Which is funny, because when I was looking for Caraline’s faceup artist (before I decided to go with the default) all I could find were people doing natural faceups. 😑 Jesus hates me.

  3. When I get the courage to take her head off. πŸ™ Oh and remove her current faceup. Would magic erasers work or should I bite the bullet and get that brush cleaner thingie? Westons something I think. Whatever! You know I’m bad with names!

    But then I was thinking that maybe I should try getting her cleaned up now because everyone I look at either has slots or probably will have slots once they reopen. Anyway, hoping I can manage to send her off before the end of the year.

  4. Eeps, that’s right. You’d have to remove it yourself. I guess as soon as you are in a slot for sure! That brush cleaner is supposed to work pretty well, and people use alcohol too, don’t they? I wonder how hard it will be to get off the darker bits of paint.

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