Skin/Health Update!

I guess it has been a few months since I got this new cleanser system going on, and I think my skin is doing much better! My mother says it is and since she is like the harshest critic, I’ll take her word for it. There seem to be just a couple spots on my face that needs to finish flushing out…whatever the face is flushing out. That sounds so nasty! My face isn’t like acne central or anything 😛 I just had a stupid pimple on my chin. Real small and gone soon enough but I knew it was there! Although, I only seem to get any sort of pimples around that time of the month (I feel a little awkward mentioning that around Niklas even if he is a girl) so, uh, I don’t know what else I was going to say about that.

I finished the 30 Day Challenge on EA Active and am now starting another 30 Day Challenge. The rather cheap resistance band that came with it started to snap so I got a resistance tube but it’s a little awkward with the Wii Remote and stuff, so I think I’ll just have to buy a new resistance band.

My eating habits haven’t been real bad lately but they haven’t been real good either. I am still not drinking enough water. I think I might need to start keeping track of my water intake, start treating it as medicine or something to force myself to drink it. This Friday I plan to go shopping for food. I’ve set aside $50 for it with the plan to actually buy some damn fruit. And maybe some cottage cheese, although I only like that in small doses. I probably just had a craving today which is why I thought of it. I am torn on whether or not I should get some Slim Fast. The thing is, I really do not like eating breakfast these days. I figure a liquid meal might be easier to handle, and well, the chocolate shakes taste pretty damn good. But I hate buying diet food because then I always feel like people are like “mmmhmm, someone is trying to lose weight”. Which ok is sometimes true but they don’t need to know that!

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  1. You could carry water around in a flask to remind yourself to drink! Would people get the wrong idea? 😛

    Cottage cheese is good. It is good with berries. Although, with cottage cheese, I don’t like to look at it too much or think about what it is when eating.

    Let me know if the Slim Fast drinks taste ok now. I switched to Ensure for liquid meals sometimes but it is a bit gross.

  2. I had a Slim Fast today and it tasted fine. It was the royal chocolate shake. Something like that. I always get that flavor because it always tastes good (to me)! I liked that flavor back in, hm, 2001 so I don’t know if it has gotten “better” since you’ve had it. :\

  3. I make Marie awkward! 😀 And I’m not a girl! I can’t talk about periods without giggling loads and making crappy jokes about it like anyone as manly as me.

    Niklas just bought this fancy face water but it doesn’t really do anything (it smells nice though). So I don’t believe much in such things anymore. What I do now is washing my face with a mild shampoo(some chamomile herbal stuff) and then scrub dry with a towel so it feels kinda like I’ve been using a peel cream. It’s probably not too good for the skin but then me adds lots of oil-free lotion. *nodnod*

    And for weight stuff, me’s been drinking green tea loads lately with artificial sweetening. They say green tea is lots of good but me thinks it might be working for me because me sips lots of it so my metabolism never slows down. Me also adds some sandwiches or fruits and try to avoid big meals.

    ….*giggles about periods all manly-ish* Hehehe, Niklas got period cure in his secret place! 😀

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