Why Moiraine, You look different!

So. As some of you may know I am beyond disappointed in the depiction of Moiraine in the new Wheel of Time comic series. What I don’t understand is why the artist couldn’t base his work off of the Robert Jordan approved character sheets. Seriously. I’m not saying he had to draw just like Mike S. Miller (who is so awesome) but it is so obvious that this guy was just basing Moiraine off of…well who knows what.

Below are the New Spring versions of Moiraine, from three different artists. Different styles but you can tell they are all the same woman.

Moiraine in New Spring
Moiraine in New Spring

However, in Eye of the World girl is looking demented and not at all like the little hot Cairhienin old man Thom lusts after.


At least Rand looks decent.

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  1. Hot damn.

    She actually scared me, the newest version. I’m glad I didn’t buy that issue. Hopefully the art will improve.

    She looks like a demented anime girl about to attack Rand with that stick… except it’s western art.

  2. Hell, she looks completely demented! If she got close enough, I’d think she’d take a bit out of me! Actually this style of art reminds me a bit of the comics we call Amar Chitra Kathas out here. They are basically mythology and folktales, and needless to say, have some pretty insane people in them!

    P.S.: The comments are doing that funny thing again. If I’ve posted twice, please delete one.

  3. *gigglefits* Hehehehehehe! Moiraine looks awful! *chuckleslaughs..guffaws* Ohmygoodness, my tummy hurts! Ahahaha She’s completely dreadful. This is so much fun!

  4. *chokes* *splutters* you know i never cuss, what the F is that?? dude, she looks CRACKED OUT OF HER MIND! is there a torrent for this? i didn’t get the comic.

    seriously, please tell me this is a graphic someone attached to the there comedic parody of the Eye of the World. it must be Moiraine related WOT satire.

  5. PS that is the most least Aes Sedai dignified expression a person could possibly wear on their face.

  6. I don’t know if there is a torrent yet or not, but I did scan all the Moiraine images for Kaitlin, if you want me to forward that email to you.

  7. Oooh…just nipped in, but if its not too much trouble could you forward that email to me as well?


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