New Year, Old Me

I’m horrible at updating this thing (there’s a post draft from 2013). And Payal was no help in thinking up a blog idea, so this is at least 45% her fault.


I decided to give myself a reading challenge this year of reading 52 books. I am not clear on why I picked 52 out of all the numbers in the universe, but there it is. According to Goodreads I’ve already done 5 books, although one of those is a comic book. Also, I noticed on the public profile two extra books are shown but not counted (yes the Hitler/Holocaust books). Weird bug.

I suppose I could try reviewing the books I’ve read, but I feel like whenever I review books it usually just turns into me ranting about something.

My actual true new year’s resolution was to start drawing again. That is not going well. Partly because of personal stress/drama, and because of random food poisoning like illness. Clearly whoever is up in the heavens does not want me eating pizza. Or learning to draw chibis.

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