Why Hello 2012

I know it’s almost February and I’m just now doing a wrap-up/forward looking…thingie that Payal suggested. 2011 was a pretty good year overall, I would say. I can’t really remember much from the first half of the year, if I’m being perfectly honest, nothing too exciting to report there other than losing some weight. Yay. […]

Life with Zen

Back in 2005 (I think) I wrote a short story for class about Sachiko and her friend Megan. Lesbian love develops. Oh la la! The following year I wrote a first-person narrative (my first, no pun intended) from Megan’s point-of-view. The professor loved it and having just read both pieces I have to say I […]

Time to leave vBulletin?

Once again I find myself forced to consider converting MW from vBulletin to one of its competitors. With the new license structure being released finally it is clear that customers are getting royally screwed. They currently have a pre-sale going on that makes the suite look like a bargain, but once you are locked into […]